People outside the DNC loved our “Did Jesus Get Stoned?” poster. Get the meaning of the poster/postcards here.

The energy was electric on the streets of Philly during the Democratic National Convention, as five of our staff along with a team of ten volunteers went out with tables, postcards and banners to talk to people about Jesus. Sharing the gospel with fans as well as protestors of the convention, we had hundreds of conversations, several celebrity sightings and opportunities to pray with numerous people to receive the Lord. There was no doubt that God had brought us to Philly for this event.

The most exciting part was seeing a Jewish person come to find the Messiah. Outside city hall, an Ethiopian Jewish man approached our CLIM (Co-Laborer in Messiah) Ron McDevitt and commented on his T-shirt and Star of David necklace.  Ron started to share with him why he is a Jew for Jesus the Messiah and how Jesus changed his life. “We talked about Passover and how the Last Supper was a seder meal, and about the plan of salvation,” Ron said. “I asked him if he believed that Jesus was our Messiah, and he took my hand and said, ‘Yes.’We prayed together in Hebrew and English and he thanked me over and over. I got his contact information and introduced him to the rest of my team. It was a glorious, glorious time!”

Our volunteers included seven teenagers from all over the country, participating on “Halutzim” (Hebrew for pioneers), an evangelism and discipleship program for Jewish believers ages 16-18. These incredible young people withstood hour after hour of 100-degree weather as well as some nasty comments from passersby as they boldly took a stand for who they are and what they believe.

Our Halutzim Director Arielle Randle takes a Jewish woman’s contact information

Danielah Blackburn, vice-President of the YMJA (Young Messianic Jewish Alliance) who was volunteering as a Halutzim leader, spoke with a Jewish couple. “The woman was very shy and kept whispering questions to her partner, who repeated them to me,” Danielah said. “They asked if I was actually Jewish, and then about my practice as a Messianic Jew. They said, ‘We are very interested in what you believe.’” Susan Mendelson, one of our staff based out of Long Island, joined the conversation and asked the couple if she could pray for them. The woman cried during the prayer, and afterwards Susan gave them her contact information in hopes that they will want to continue the conversation.

To add to the excitement, celebrity sightings were in abundance around the convention center. Our D.C. branch leader Larry Dubin spotted Democratic primary candidate Bernie Sanders, made sure Bernie heard that we are Jews for Jesus and exchanged a warm handshake—not as a political statement, but hopefully as a gospel seed sown.

Actress Susan Sarandon took one of our gospel tracts from Danielah, and Halutzim participant Lydia gave our “Did Jesus get stoned?” postcard to actress Rosario Dawson. Dawson said, “This is the best piece of religious literature I have ever seen!” We posted about the exchange on twitter and Dawson reposted our tweet, spreading the word about Jewish people who believe in Jesus to her large social media following.

In their article about the DNC, Vogue magazine said, “The Jews for Jesus, for the record, had also come out in force.”  We are blown away by how God used our small team to make a huge impact in the city of Philadelphia, and we look forward to staying in touch with all the people we met there!

Halutzim give out postcards and chocolate at their “Jewish Princesses for Jesus” table