London branch leader Julia Pascoe reports, “We had a three-day Olympic-themed outreach to our Jewish people in North London during the Rio Games. Our gospel literature was a brief, fun piece called ‘Oy!-lympics’ (a ‘play on words’ combining? the Jewish expression ‘Oy vey!’ with ‘Olympics.’) Check it out! We handed out the leaflet on the streets but also left copies at many homes throughout the neighborhood. This gave us the chance to return, knock on doors, ask people if they’d read the brochure and engage in conversations about Jesus.

“On day one as we were handing out our Oy-lympics literature in Edgware, I began talking with Ronnie, a secular Jewish man in his 70s. Ronnie’s eyes lit up as he read the leaflet. He appreciated the Jewish humor and was curious to know why I’m a Jew for Jesus. I pointed to the leaflet’s quote from Isaiah 53:4-5 as one of the reasons that I believe. Ronnie replied that he’d never really understood much about Jesus and would like to know more. He wasn’t ready to give his contact details but took our phone number and promised to call. Please pray God would grow that seed that was planted in Ronnie’s heart!

“The first door we knocked on was answered by a Jewish lady who, when I asked if she’d had a chance to read the leaflet, exclaimed, ‘NO! I threw it straight in the [garbage] bin!’ But this didn’t discourage us; we continued praying for God to soften hearts.

“Eventually volunteer Steve and I were invited in by 98-year-old Sarah* for a cup of tea and a chat! I explained that my friends Ziggy and Barry were across the street and she said ‘Bring them too!’

“Sarah’s spacious living room had plenty of chairs as she loves entertaining. The Oy-lympics leaflet that we’d delivered the day before was on her chair-side table. When asked what she thought of it, Sarah said she enjoyed the Jewish words/humor. Sarah ‘happens’ to be the mother of Judy* who occasionally attends our monthly Havurah meeting.

“Judy isn’t a believer, but she likes being around Jews for Jesus and thought it would be good for her mom to meet with me—so I met Sarah seven years ago. She was happy to talk to me but not about anything spiritual, or as she said, ‘religious.’ Seven years later during our outreach, she engaged for the first time in a gospel-centered conversation with the four of us! Please pray I’ll have more opportunities to talk with Sarah and that God will intervene in both Sarah’s and Judy’s lives, revealing sin and the need for the Savior, their Jewish Messiah!”

*not their real names

An Orthodox Jewish passer-by reaching for our literature