It started with a government designated “no parking” area in April 2015—meant to prevent someone from parking a car bomb in front of our Paris office. Despite the tense situation, we went ahead with our Paris Witnessing Campaign in 2015 and saw five people come to faith in Jesus, while 207 people were willing to receive follow up info. Whatever the climate, God can set people free from fear.

The city of Paris has now increased the security by installing the rails you see pictured in front of and across the street from the office. Again, they are intended to prevent car bombs as well as making it difficult to drive a car into our storefront window.  We’re told the government has started doing this with all synagogues and churches since the brutal murder of the priest in Normandy last month.

Josh Turnil, who leads our work in Paris says, “Our neighbors are not happy about the barricades. Pray we’ll have opportunities to witness and strengthen our relations with them. The barricades can be seen from afar; please pray these extra security measures will not discourage our friends and potential seekers from coming to our center. We will have our first Shabbat meeting after the summer break in a couple of weeks. Please pray many will come.

“Also, our joint Paris-London Campaign is coming up: September 25-October 12. We’ll be on the streets trying different ways to reach Jewish people with the good news of Jesus. Please pray the police will be flexible with us, despite the difficult context confronting them.”

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