From September 1st to the 11th, Jews for Jesus will be having an exhibition of our Multitudes project, a series of painted illustrations of the book of Matthew, at a secular art gallery in Tel Aviv. This gallery has its own PR person who has already publicized the show in more than ten mainstream web sites. We also were approved to advertise the exhibition in the Ha’aretz (Israel’s oldest newspaper) weekend art section. Here’s what one article had to say about this controversial exhibit:

“The central painting in the exhibit depicts Yeshua (the one called Yeshu in the Land*) at the time he looked at the Multitudes at the Kinneret [Sea of Galilee].” Says Rubin [the artist],’“He managed to see beyond the faces themselves and succeeded in seeing into their hearts, souls and needs. This is a depiction of Yeshua that many Jews can relate to, since there is so much suffering among the Jews… compassion towards those who are suffering is important…’ In fact, in the paintings you can see Jewish subjects from Matthew, and they are the basis for most of the exhibit.”

Just from the publicity already received by the exhibit, many Israelis are already hearing about a Jewish perspective of Jesus. The Jerusalem Post has contacted us and has interviewed the painter, Jewish believer Steffi Rubin, giving the exhibition more free press. Our hope is that we may get a few more media interviews from this showing, and that it would be one of the most highly discussed cultural events in Tel Aviv this fall. Please pray that God would protect the gallery and our Tel Aviv branch from any opposition during the exhibition, and that He would use this incredible opportunity to make the name of Yeshua known in Israel!

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* The name “Yeshu” is a derogatory acronym for the Hebrew (Y’mach Sh’mo V’Zichro) meaning “May his name and memory be obliterated.”