The Berlin campaigners are thanking God and rejoicing in the results of two intense weeks of evangelism. We hope these stories will encourage you and fuel your follow-up prayers:

From Igal Vender [a missionary with Christian Witness to Israel, working in partnership with our Jews for Jesus team in Israel]: “After asking God for a fruitful outreach, I found myself sitting next to a homeless man named Andrey. He was a bit drunk, but he heard and understood the gospel. He seemed to truly want to change and knew that only God could help him. He accepted my invitation to receive Yeshua (Jesus) into his life. Please pray that Yeshua will strengthen and help Andrey.”

From volunteer Beate: “While handing out tracts in front of KaDeWe, a big shopping center, I noticed a family speaking Hebrew and I approached them. Sure enough they were from Israel and I shared Yeshua with them. It turned out they have friends who are Messianic Jews in Israel and have had many conversations about Yeshua. I was disappointed that they didn’t accept the Hebrew literature I offered them as we said goodbye. But God wasn’t finished. I met them again at the bus stop a few minutes later and the father jokingly commented that ‘because of Messiah,’ they missed the bus. I said, ‘Because of Messiah you can have forgiveness of sin and eternal life.’ I believe this was a divine appointment.”

From volunteer Zorika: “I met three Muslims from Turkey and they had questions. When I explained the gospel, they said that I scared them with God’s view of sin and punishment. I assured them that God’s punishment could be eliminated by trusting in Jesus, and that God loved them. They thanked me for my response and said they were going to read ‘The Only Hope for Peace’ and consider if it was true.”

From missionary Steve Wertheim, “At Alexanderplatz a young man approached me, not interested in the tracts I was handing out, but asking what ‘Juden für Jesus’ was all about. It turned out that Sammy had run into us before in New York City in front of the 42nd Street library. He said he wasn’t religious, to which I responded that I wasn’t there to talk about religion, but rather a relationship between him and God. I asked if I could send him some information, to which he responded that he was a Muslim and would probably see me again to talk some more. I challenged him to pray that the one true God would reveal Himself.

“A couple of days later, in another location, who should tap me on the shoulder but this same young man. He asked if I remembered meeting him and I said, ‘Shalom Sammy, so good to see you again. I think that maybe God is trying to tell you something.’ Well, Sammy didn’t stay to converse much, but pray for him as obviously God is trying to get his attention.

“A soft-spoken, somewhat shy young man stood looking at my T-shirt and was a bit perplexed. I don’t think he had ever met or knew of anyone who was Jewish and believed in Jesus. I could see he was really curious and so I gave him a bit of my background, and told him about my parents who were both born in Germany.  I asked if I could send him some more information and he gave me his email address. We parted ways and about 15 minutes later he came back and said he didn’t want me to send him anything after all, and wanted his contact card back. This time he did take a tract from me and said he would ‘call when he was ready.’ Please pray for Alex.”

From volunteer Paula: “I met a young Israeli, Avi* at Alexanderplatz. When I asked who he thought Yeshua was he said he was not sure. I shared that Yeshua was the Passover Lamb that takes away our sin. I explained the gospel and how we need to ask God for forgiveness for sin and invite Yeshua to apply his blood to the door of our hearts. Avi prayed to receive Messiah Yeshua as his Savior, took a Hebrew New Testament and left his contact info! Please pray for Avi to grow in his faith.”

These are the kinds of interactions that are behind the numbers. So praise God with us that in two weeks, our Berlin campaigners handed out 129,000 gospel broadsides—and received contact info for 101 unbelieving Jewish people, as well as for 407 unbelieving Gentiles! Three Jewish people and 31 Gentiles made professions of faith. The follow-up team made 101 visits, and of course the visits will continue. Please pray that God will continue to work in all of these lives!

*not his real name