RealTime August 2016

RealTime August 2016
Watch this month’s video about highlights from this summer’s evangelism around the world, and hear about an upcoming challenge for Jews for Jesus.

Read this month’s stories below.

“Oy-Lympics” Outreach
August 31, 2016

While the Rio games were going on, gospel outreach was going strong in our London branch.

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117 Jewish people want to hear more about Jesus!
August 30, 2016

In just ONE DAY during our Odessa campaign 117 Jewish people gave their contact information to receive more information about the Messiah.

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An Unheard of Opportunity for Us in Tel Aviv!
August 24, 2016

Next week a secular gallery will be featuring painted illustrations of the Gospel of Matthew. Read how you can be praying.

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A story for someone you love
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We’ve made hundreds of friends by offering this beautiful story free to those who didn’t know us, but then we thought… hey, we need to make the same offer to those who are already our friends!

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Odessa Team Celebrates 25 Years!
August 17, 2016

This week and next our Odessa team is celebrating 25 years of ministry in the most appropriate way possible.

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No barriers to the gospel!

We need your prayers to overcome this literal barricade in Paris. Please read, pray and share.

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34 more brothers and sisters in Jesus
August 10, 2016

The Berlin campaigners are thanking God and rejoicing in the results of two intense weeks of evangelism. We hope these stories will encourage you and fuel your follow-up prayers

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A Tree Planted in Israel

Gratitude is a good thing, first gratitude to God, but also gratitude to one another. Find out why this beautiful sculpture hangs in the entrance of our Moishe Rosen Center (MRC) in Tel Aviv.

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We’re in India: sharing the gospel with Israelis
August 3, 2016

The Massah team has moved on to India and you’ll never guess who they met in Manali! Read more

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Vogue Magazine Says Jews for Jesus “Came Out in Force” at the DNC!

Our outreach team at the Democratic National Convention talked with Bernie Sanders, Rosario Dawson, and hundreds of others!

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