Massah Praise Report

Pray for God to continue His work in the hearts of the people our Massah team shared with this summer.

Giselle reports, “Dharmsala is a mountainous city…with the second highest rainfall IN THE WORLD. While it may be a virtual nightmare for people who are affected by the seasons, this place is stunningly beautiful. It also attracts people exploring every spiritual path you can imagine; it’s so spiritually noisy and every kind of ‘god’ is seeking an audience. Now more than ever it’s highly important that we are here. As followers of the one true God, we’ve prayed that during our last week, we can really make Him known.

“More than in Manali, the days blend together here; we don’t have a congregation to attend to break up the weeks. As our time together has been drawing to an end, sharing the gospel with new people has slowed down as we continue to build on the relationships with people we already know. At the same time, the team has been spending less and less time with one another and more with Israeli friends they have met, which is good. Every time we meet as a team to study the Bible together, we have unbelieving Israeli friends joining us, which has been so cool!

“I did a lot of music this week, played a lot of jams with really great musicians. I’ve formed some really good relationships here—with four Israelis in particular, I’ve have had such good conversations about Jesus and my journey of coming to have Him as my savior.

“Our team has had 88 interactions with unbelieving Jewish people, and 65 conversations that were more in depth. After Dharamsala, we have our debrief in Delhi. Already there is talk of going home and planning for next year’s Massah.”

Here are a few stories from the team:

Isaac Baron: “In Manali we split into three groups so that we could stay in different parts of town and be in contact with more people. Another team member and I were staying at a guesthouse a little off the beaten path, but popular among travelers. Early in our stay we connected with a man who had been deeply involved with Chabad (a very Orthodox Jewish group). He was open to talking about the gospel, and even seemed to think that there was evidence that Jesus was the Messiah—but stopped short of receiving Him because the New Testament is not approved by the rabbis. We continued to connect with him throughout our time in Manali and, through him, we met some of the other people staying near us.

“Many people we met had grown up in religious families, but felt that their parents’ teaching was restrictive and limiting to their freedom. They were not as keen to open up the Bible and talk about prophecy, but they were interested in talking about love, freedom and spirituality. These became avenues to share Jesus in terms that would resonate with them–unfailing love, true freedom and authentic spirituality. At the end of each day there was always someone hanging around the balcony, and sometimes we would stay up past three in the morning in deep discussion. God consistently worked in these late night talks.”

David Minsky: “I met Avi one morning at breakfast. He comes from a religious family and left Orthodox Judaism to pursue his artistic passions. We shared views on spirituality and I explained that Jesus is not ‘another way’ to get to God but rather THE way. He was interested to meet Messianic Jews and joined in on one of our Bible study sessions.”

David Quirion: “I had the unique experience of connecting with people through ‘connect four.’ I’d hiked up to Trek and Dine in Dharamkot for breakfast and noticed some people were playing the game, connect four. I talked to them for a few minutes and was invited to play a few rounds. I was able to tell them who I was and why I was here. Even a simple game can become an opening to spread the gospel message.”

Shoshana Zygelman: “I met Nama one day at breakfast; she just finished her service in the IDF, seemed very spiritually open and a bit interested in ‘all religions.’ We had a very good conversation and she told me she was about to go on a 10-day silent retreat and meditation course. I’m glad we were able to talk before the course and pray that God will speak to her during her time of silence.”


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