Maccabi outreach wrap-up

Pray for those who heard the gospel in Berlin during our Maccabi games outreach!

Our Berlin Maccabi game outreach was short (July 28-Aug 4) but sweet! Six people prayed to receive the Lord (one Jewish) & 116 (34 Jewish) gave their contact info to hear more about the Lord.

We hope these stories will help you pray for those who heard the gospel:

Leonid reports, “I gave a tract to a young man who appeared to me to be Israeli. He passed it along to an older man. They started talking, pointing at me. When the older man marched towards me, I thought, ‘Oh well, here goes…’ But as he came closer, he smiled and said something in Hebrew. I explained that I only speak German, Russian, Yiddish and a little English. So he switched to English, (my least proficient language) but fortunately, I understood enough to know that Sammy was very happy about what we were doing.

“I asked who he thought Jesus was and he replied that Jesus was a good man. I explained the gospel and asked why he was so happy about what we were doing if he doesn’t believe the message. He said it is a very brave thing to stand in the street and proclaim one’s faith. While Sammy did not give me his contact information, he promised to consider our message.

Julia reports, “I met a Jewish family from Israel who were staying at the same hotel as us, and they gave me their contact so that when I come to Israel, I can visit them. Igor and I met them again on the streets, and they asked about Jews for Jesus. We witnessed to them and again, they urgently and sincerely said to us: “Come and visit us in Israel, we’ll be waiting for you!” Hallelujah!

“I was so encouraged to meet Isabelle, a believer, who approached me to say, ‘I was watching you handing out tracts and felt very strongly that I shall tell you from God: ‘I am proud of you!’ It is a great job you do; I became a believer through someone giving me a tract, too!’ I was very happy and amazed by God’s grace and love for me.

“Soon after, I met a Jewish man, Bruno, who prayed to receive Jesus into his heart! HALLELUJAH. On another sortie, I met Markus who was very open-minded about Jesus. Though he was not ready yet to pray to receive Jesus, he was very eager to give his contact information as he was interested in going to a church! He took a picture of the prayer to receive Jesus, and I hope that he has since prayed it. Please pray for Markus. A woman named Sandra was also willing to hear the gospel, and even told me that she thought it might be true. She also took a picture of the prayer, and gladly gave me her contact details.

“Igor and I approached some Muslim teenagers, one of whom asked if it is possible to convert from Islam to Christian. We eagerly asserted that it is possible! This young man is being drawn to Jesus! Please pray for his salvation.”

Tolik reports: “I looked up at the sky and started praying that the Lord would send me open people people to talk to. During our very first sortie (tract-passing expedition) of the day, my German-speaking team member Rudi called me over. ‘There is a Jewish guy, he says he has never seen Jews who believe in Jesus! Come talk to him!’ The man, Elizar, looked closely at me and at my team member, Julia, and exclaimed: ‘Do you know that you two have very Russian-looking faces?’ I said, ‘But of course! More than half of the Jewish people in Germany look Russian because they immigrated here from the former Soviet Union.’ Elizar then told me in broken Russian that his parents came from the former Soviet Union and moved, first to Israel and then to Germany. I tried to share the gospel with him, but Elizar understood very little Russian. So Julia, who’s been living in Germany since the age of 4, continued sharing with Elizar in German. He promised to visit our German website.

Thomas reports: “Three young Palestinians took a tract and I shared with them the gospel, telling them that Yeshua (Jesus) loves Palestinians 100%, as well as Jews 100%.  I told about a church service in Israel where Arabs and Jews washed each other’s feet, and forgave each other in Yeshua’s name.  I explained how this was possible and in closing, I bid them all shalom. May the Lord Jesus send healing and re-establish the relationship between the Jews and Arabs.”

Hannah reports: “I gave a tract to an elderly lady, then noticed she was carrying a Russian magazine, so I began speaking to her in Russian. Galina said her father’s name was Samuel, and she always assumed he was Jewish, though she was brought up Russian Orthodox. I was about to give her an invitation to the Russian-speaking Messianic congregation in Berlin, but before I even could do so, she told me that she would love to find a Jewish community to have fellowship. I gave her the invitation and she accepted it gladly, giving me her phone number in return. Please pray that Galina would come and find a personal relationship with the Lord as well as make some new friends who can encourage her in the faith.”


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