Budapest Campaign Wrap-Up

This interaction with a Holocaust survivor led to her praying to receive Jesus!

During our Budapest campaign (July 23-Aug 8) 62 people prayed to receive the Lord (8 were Jewish) and 582 gave their contact info to find out more (107 were Jewish). The team handed out 339,055 gospel tracts and also engaged people through music, dance and for the first time in Budapest, gospel ads on public transportation (as shown last week, and also at the bottom of this article). Thanks so much for praying, and please continue to pray for fruitful follow-up and God’s protection over new believers and seekers alike. Here are some highlights.

Kata Reiner reports: “I gave a leaflet to Ferenc who received Christian education as a child, but later went his own way. I shared with him the gospel and he replied that God must have punished him with an illness because of his sins. He had a seizure four years ago and his right side got paralyzed. Now he is able to walk with a cane but his right hand is still paralyzed. I explained to him that while sin does have consequences, God still loves him. I also explained that Jesus had already paid for Ferenc’s sins by His death, and that He would like to have a personal relationship with him.

Ferenc allowed me to pray for his healing. Then I told him how he could pray to receive Jesus. He had doubts, but finally told me that if this really was true he would like to repent and be saved . . . and he prayed with me. He gave his contact information and also promised to start reading the Bible.

Piotr reports: “It was a great day—one of the most exciting ones of the campaign for me. On the morning sortie (tract-passing expedition) I had the privilege of leading Adam to Jesus. Adam is 28. He heard the gospel from me, understood what Jesus did for him, and wanted to receive Jesus as his Savior. I also offered him a prayer for the healing of Adam’s legs. Please pray for protection over God’s new creation. And for a good discipleship process.

“The same day I also had the honor to talk with one of the most open-minded Jewish guys I ever met. He carefully listened to my every word as I shared the gospel with him, and then gave his contact information to hear more!

“In the afternoon a crying girl came to me asking for help in finding her dog. Perhaps you will think it was crazy but I immediately offered to pray for her to find the dog, asking, ‘Do you believe that Jesus can help you find your lost dog?’ She bowed her head and she added that she is a Christian. So we prayed with one of my teammates. Before the end of sortie she came back to us with joy on her face. She had found her dog! Jesus cares about even our smallest things! May God use this situation to reinforce the faith of this young girl!

“Many more good things happened that day. Our God is an awesome God indeed!”

Ziggy reports: “I was handing out flyers when suddenly a Hungarian woman—about 30, named Anna—started to thank me for what I was doing. I asked, ‘Are you Jewish like me?’ To which she replied, ‘Yes," and briefly mentioned her synagogue here and friends in Israel. Again she thanked me for what I was doing. I was confused! She went to synagogue and yet thanked me for handing out flyers about Jesus and for wearing a Jews for Jesus t-shirt? So I said, ‘Do you believe in Jesus?’ An ever so gentle yet negative reply was forthcoming. So I said, ‘We believe Jesus is the Jewish Messiah! Have you ever considered it might be true?’ She paused, seeming thoughtful and replied, ‘I know there are Jewish people who believe in Jesus.’

“I explained why Jesus came and what He did, then asked if I could put her in touch with one of our Hungarian women. She hesitated about taking what was a bold next step. So I said, ‘I would love for you to speak to one of our women about Jesus, are you sure I cannot take your number and ask someone to give you a call?’ She declined but I was praising God that we had met, and prayed together, and she promised she would continue to think about the claims and person of Jesus.”

Bogi Kozma reports: “We don’t always understand God’s timing. I was assigned a break during the late morning sortie so I was really surprised to hear that even so, I was asked to join a team out on the streets. And it was raining on and off, so we were not able to stay in our place. I confess, I felt it was completely useless for me to have gone out and I thought I should have been somewhere else.

“But God didn’t think so. He had a reason for me to be at just that place at just that time. First a Hungarian Christian came to talk to me. A couple of days earlier she met one of our English-speaking volunteers with whom she was only able ‘talk’ with her hands. Since then she had been waiting for someone with whom she could talk about our mission in Hungarian!

“A series of people stopped to ask questions as I stood under the overpass while it rained. But the rain stopped for the last ten minutes of the sortie, so I resumed my original place. As soon as I got there, a young man greeted me. At first he tried kidding but it soon turned out that he had great wounds in his heart. Doctors had diagnosed him with a disease that they said would cut his young life short in just eight years. I spoke to him about God, Jesus, sin, repentance, forgiveness and eternal life—and at the end he said, ‘I wish all this stuff would really be true!’ He gave his contact information to talk more with someone from our group at a later time.

“God knew very well where I was needed on that morning. And by His grace I could be at a good time in a good place.”

Volunteer Paula Perry points out one of our gospel ad on a bus. Translation: “Who is that man? He said of Himself that He’s the Jewish Messiah. He called Himself the Light of the World. Let’s talk! Jews for Jesus (with our contact information)”


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