Salvation in Budapest

Avi Snyder reports, “On a night near the end of the campaign, we showed the Hungarian-dubbed version of our evangelistic video, ‘Survivor Stories.’  The film presents first hand accounts of Jewish men and women who survived the horrors of the Holocaust, and then miraculously found hope, love and new life through faith in the Messiah Yeshua.  This was especially poignant and significant for Budapest. The Holocaust came to Hungary very late in the war – April, 1944.  It officially ended with the Soviet capture of the city in January, 1945.  In that brief and tragic window of time, the pre-Holocaust Hungarian Jewish population of 825,000 was decimated to 250,000 people.

In a sense, nearly everyone who came to see our film was a survivor, if his or her parents or grandparents came from Hungary.  Kata Tar, who co-leads our work in Budapest, is one of those post-generation survivors.  Kata is alive, only because her mother found refuge as a child in one of the Swiss “safe” houses set up by Carl Lutz.

Another post-generation survivor is a Jewish woman Kata regularly meets with, Judit*.  Like Kata, she is alive only because her parents, as children, escaped destruction in the Hungarian Holocaust.  Judit is a professional actress who provided voices for some of the women in the Hungarian dubbed version of the film. Naturally, she had seen the film as she worked on it.  But when Judit came to the viewing at the theatre, and when she watched the entire film with all the voices, the testimonies became very personal and sank deeply into her heart.  Through the film, survivors were speaking directly to fellow survivors.  At the close of the evening, we offered an invitation for people to receive salvation though Jesus.  With tears in her eyes, Judit was one of the first of several people who lifted up their hands. 

Click here if you are interested in the original (English language) version of  Survivor Stories.

* (not her real name)


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