Jewish children get Mom to take gospel tract in Budapest

“My children keep asking me what Jews for Jesus are,” said Ezster, as she took a tract from Avi Snyder in Budapest.

“We’re Jews by birth and culture,” he explained. “We believe that Jesus is the Messiah—that He died as the payment for our sins and rose from the dead.” Then he asked what she thought about Yeshua.

 “He was a great teacher, but I don’t think he was the Messiah,” she said. Avi spoke to her about some of the prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures. Ezster remained polite but dismissive, saying that “Anybody could fulfill some of those prophecies.”

“No one else promised to die for our sins and rise from the dead in fulfillment of our Scriptures,” Avi pointed out.  “No one, except Yeshua.”

“That’s true,” she admitted.

Ezster wasn’t ready to explore the issue any further at the moment, but seeds were planted. Avi says, “How wonderful of God to use the curiosity of Ezster’s children to give me the opportunity to share the Gospel message with her.  Please pray that the day will come when Ezsther and all her family will come to know the Lord.”

Here are some encouraging words from another campaigner, Eric Hegybeli:

“At the Keleti train station I met Alaph, a Jewish Hungarian-American student who is going to be studying at a school in Budapest. He approached me for a broadside. ‘I have many questions about this,’ he said, before giving me his contact information. I also talked to Balasz, a man who was interested in what I thought about Jesus and the Jewishness of the gospel because recently he’s been seriously considering Jesus. Please pray for the salvation of Balasz and Allaph.”

Note: Photo shows our Budapest team making a joyful noise at a local mall where many shoppers happen to be Jewish.


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