Camp Gilgal


Kathy Nichols reports: “Camp Gilgal is a big part of Jews for Jesus’ ministry to young people. This year is our 23rd summer! We are humbled by how faithfully God has met us.

“This year’s Bible lessons for junior camp (ages 8-12) were based on the book of Joshua and the theme, ‘The Next Generation Chooses God.’ Our teen camps’ (ages 13-15) theme was ‘God’s Grace is Sufficient’ and the lessons were based on 2 Corinthians.

“In California, 39 junior campers (including five newcomers!) were welcomed to camp with a historical day of rain. Over the course of two weeks, they enjoyed activities such as horseback riding, Tabernacle (Bible lessons and worship), fun theme nights, Hebrew, archery and swimming. During separate boys’ and girls’ campfires, many campers wanted to pray with staff and bring their problems to God. By the end of camp, four campers recommitted their lives to Him, and five surrendered their hearts to Him for the first time (including a girl whose parents are not yet believers).

“Meanwhile, 25 campers attended junior camp in upstate New York, five of them for the first time. One of our new campers was very open and wanted to learn as much as he could about Jesus. His mother is a fairly new believer and he has been thinking about what he believes. During camp he sought out staff and asked great questions, took notes during Tabernacle so he wouldn’t forget anything, and surrendered his heart to the Lord on one of the last days of camp. Twelve other campers rededicated their lives to the Lord during these two weeks as well.

“Our teen camps began on Sunday, July 14. In New York, 20 campers (including four first-time campers!) came together to enjoy activities such as white water rafting, swimming, Tabernacle, and an overnight camping trip in the Adirondacks. One of our campers has historically struggled with fear during camp, and this year a high ropes course proved to be very difficult for him. Seeing his trust in the Lord and his victory over his fear encouraged everyone else to conquer their fears of the course and finish strong, too. Another of our campers is from a home of nominal faith and was drawn to know more about Jesus during the week. After camp, she attended as many teen Skype Bible studies as she could, and decided to come to adventure camp. It’s exciting to see how God is drawing her to Him. Over the course of the week, twelve campers recommitted their lives to the Lord.

“Meanwhile, 29 campers attended our teen camp in California. It was a week packed full of fun: a trip to Yosemite, jet skiing at Bass Lake, Tabernacle, swimming, a giant flume, and campfires. We were struck by how many of our campers wanted to grow deeper in the Lord, and by the unity that developed among them during the week. During one of our deeper discussions, one of our campers dealing with a difficult situation at home spoke up, sharing what God was doing in his life and using Scripture to encourage the other campers when they’re afraid. By the end of camp, eight rededicated their lives to Jesus.

“Please pray for everyone who participated in Camp Gilgal this summer, that God will protect His work in them as they adjust back to daily life and that they will continue to grow in their relationships with Him.”


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