Berlin Campaign

Our Berlin campaign ran from July 25–August 10 and the team is praising God for answered prayer! They handed out 139,190 pieces of gospel literature and received the contact information of 511 seekers, of whom 88 were Jewish. Also, 23 people prayed to receive Jesus, three of whom were Jewish.

Forty-two people came to see our film Forbidden Peace showing how Jews and Arabs can be reconciled through Jesus. One Arab attended as well as several Jewish people we met on the streets. One prayed with a campaigner before the movie even began!

Irina Volodarska reports: “Thank you for your prayers! It rains heavily in Berlin–but it only seemed to come down during our lunch breaks. The weather was perfect for broadsiding (handing out our tracts). Apart from going out on sorties, we were bannering (a team of four German volunteers with two banners) and also starting to have visits with Jewish seekers who gave their contact info. The first two with Russian-speaking new Jewish believers in Jesus have been completed. Also, a team of four completed 482 cold calls from the Berlin phonebook.

“We also had a special outreach to the Israeli ‘hangouts’ in Berlin. We began with a team of three campaigners, led by a native Hebrew speaker, just passing through these places wearing our Jews for Jesus T-shirts. The group invited Israelis to join us for Shabbat."

Avi Snyder: “Michael Sischy and Asaf Pelled took a placard to the courtyard of Humboldt University–where the Nazis burned books in 1938. The placard said in Hebrew, ‘Israelis, read the one Jewish book that even the Nazis were afraid to burn.‘ That promoted lots of interaction.”

Rudi: “As our team held the banner at the place of the Nazi book burnings, a young Jewish woman stepped out of the Judicial Institute of University which is on the same plaza. She came to find out what our banner was all about; she listened to what we told her about Yeshua and was very open-minded. She took a New Testament in Hebrew and the Gospel of John in English.”

Paula Perry: “A young man named John from Malawi stopped and asked me, ‘What is Juden für Jesus?’ I in turn asked him who he thought Jesus is. I was able to share the full gospel with him and John prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior and gave his full contact info. He was returning home to Malawi in two days.”

Also from Paula: “I met a young Jewish man, ‘Josh’ [not his real name], eighteen years old, from London, England, now living in Paris, France. I asked who he thought Jesus was. Josh stated, ‘I believe he lived in history possibly, but just a man.’ Josh described himself as an atheist. Josh also said he suffered a bi polar condition and no one cared about him personally. I challenged him to read the Bible and attempt to find fault with it. I shared that if a person will seek God with all his heart and soul that Jesus would reveal Himself. Josh accepted the challenge and provided me his contact info. Please pray for his salvation.

“I met a German citizen named Ida who grew up in Denmark. I asked her who she thought Jesus was and Ida replied, ‘I really don’t know.’ I shared the gospel with her. Ida stated she didn’t know where she would spend eternity. I asked if she would like to ask Jesus to forgive her and follow Him. Ida replied yes and prayed to receive Jesus as her Saviour. Then she hugged me and said this was a wonderful beginning for her new life.”

Chantale Onona: “This morning we were at a place called Hackescher Market, where there is a well known Jewish memorial. An Israeli couple, Reuben and Aviva, approached me. ‘Ma zeh? [What is this?]’ Reuben asked.

“‘Oh, you’re Israelis!’ I answered in English. ‘Yes, we come from Haifa. What are you doing?’ Aviva replied.

“‘I’m distributing tracts that talk about Jesus.’ ‘Ah, interesting!’ they answered.

“‘I believe that Yeshua is the Messiah who was foretold by the Hebrew prophets. Have you ever read Isaiah 53?’ I asked. ‘No, but we’ll take a look at it,’ Aviva said. And they gave me their contact details.”

Debbie Banhart: “A young Jewish man named Itzhak approached me and wanted to know what I was doing. He listened intently while I shared the proposal statement and a little of my story. I got to the invitation and asked him if he would like to receive Messiah and be forgiven. He said, ‘Sure!’ I got out the German prayer and he prayed out loud as I agreed. I rejoiced and told him this was the most important day in his life! I told him someone Jewish would contact him. Praise the Lord!

“I was at Brandenburg Gate. The bannering team was also there and one of the team members was talking to an American couple. They asked me to talk to the husband. I presented the gospel and Fred said he used to be Catholic, but never asked Jesus to forgive him and personally come into his heart. I showed him the prayer in English and asked him if he agreed. He said yes and prayed right there! His wife, who is already a believer, rejoiced!

“We were getting ready to leave our sortie site when a young man named Sitshi approached us and began a conversation saying he was Jewish and was studying Zohar and Kabbalah (Jewish mystical books). He had been troubled by spirits that kept him awake at night and were also causing him physical problems. We shared the gospel and he listened. We prayed with him and asked if he would be open for a visit. He said yes. Aaron Lewin called him and will be meeting with him for coffee.

“On another sortie, two young German men approached me. As I shared the gospel they listened intently. I showed them the prayer of salvation and one of them, Leonard, said he wanted to ask Jesus to come into his heart. He prayed and rejoiced with me. His friend took the prayer with him and said he would think about it.”

Beate Kleber and Debbie Banhart: “After our sortie we were about to enter a grocery store when a middle-aged man approached us. He’d met another team member the previous day at the Brandenburg Gate, where he had given his contact details. We knew immediately that this was a divine appointment. This man, Taylor, had come all the way from Australia and had now met us twice. We shared with him that Jesus died on the cross for his sin. We gave the card to him explaining how to invite Jesus into his heart. It was his desire and he prayed to Jesus to forgive his sins. He was very happy. In a few days he will fly to Israel. I told him where in Jerusalem he can buy a Bible and how important it is to read the Bible every day for nourishment of his soul.”

Beate: “At the end of our sortie at Gesundbrunnen, Andreas, a man in his late forties, came out of the shopping center. I gave him a tract, which he gladly accepted. I asked him if he’d ever asked Jesus to forgive his sins and he said no. I told him that it is possible to confess his sin and invite Jesus into his heart right now. I read the prayer of invitation to him and said that if this is his heart’s desire he can speak it together with me. He said yes, and we read it together. He wants to get a Bible and find a church near his house.”

Ute: “I was handing out tracts when an elderly lady passed me in a rush, saying she had to catch her train. She took a tract and I told her that I had something else, but she was really in a hurry. Two minutes later she came back and said, ‘You told me you had something else’ and she took the invitation to the film we show next Friday. She said she was a Holocaust survivor. Please pray that she gives her life to Jesus.”

Brigitte Weghaus: “I met two Jewish women while I was broadsiding. I heard a Hebrew word and I asked them if they were from Israel, and they said yes. We introduced ourselves and I explained to them that I believe that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel, and I offered them a flyer with Messianic prophecies. One told me that she has a different belief, but her friend took the flyer and was very interested and said she wants to read it. I was very thankful for their openness to talk and that the Lord enabled me to speak a little Hebrew with them that I had learned years ago. I think this was also why they felt at home and were open to listen to the gospel.”

Also from Brigitte: “My colleague Ruth and I were handing out tracts at ‘Potsdamer Platz’ when two Israelis inquired what we were handing out. I said, ‘Welcome to Germany! We are with Jews for Jesus and want to ask you who do you think Jesus is?’ Then I explained the gospel."

"The older man (Albert) was religious and he took the tracts in Hebrew that I offered him. He was interested in the one showing an open Torah scroll on the cover, bearing the title, ‘The words of the prophet Isaiah.’ I asked him to read Isaiah 53 that talks about Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. The brochure also contained statements by rabbis quoted from the Midrash and Talmud with references to the Messiah, which rather appealed to this religious Jewish man."

"I suddenly remembered that in my bag, I was still carrying a Hebrew New Testament that also contains many prophecies about the Messiah. It had a picture of Jerusalem on its cover. I told him that this was a special gift for him and he instantly started reading it. He marveled at what he was reading. We went on talking about how God answers prayers and that Jesus is the way to God. When we said goodbye to one another Albert thanked me by blessing me. Please pray for him and his friend to really get to know Jesus as their Messiah.”

Sabina reports: “I got into a conversation with a man who had already gotten a flyer and an invitation to the film. He had already given his contact details and had received a book from another Jew for Jesus. He told me he had already read the book, which really surprised me. Seeing how interested he really was (he’d already read the book!), was such an encouragement to me."

“During a sortie at Potsdamer Platz, I had been discouraged for a while because no one wanted to talk to me let alone give contact info. So I started to pray. Shortly after, two men asked me for directions after having taken a tract. I asked who they thought Jesus is. Whilst talking, I learned that they were two French Jews. I asked them if they wanted to get more information on Jesus and they gave me their contact details.”

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