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As promised, we’ve prepared for you a wrap-up (and lots of great photos) from last month’s NYC Summer Witnessing Campaign; also we have final reports from our Berlin "Life from the Dead" outreach and our London Olympics Campaign.

Thanks for Praying!

Here’s the story on our 2012 New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign:

Campaigners hand delivered 289,839 gospel broadsides; 473 seekers (including 145 Jewish people) gave contact information to hear more about Jesus; 53 people professed faith in Jesus during our interactions with them; of those, two were Jewish.

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San Francisco Day of Evangelism

Meanwhile, our international headquarters staff in San Francisco had a "Day of Evangelism" on July 27. It’s an annual day to close our offices to be with the campaigners "in spirit" as we shine a little light in our own city.

San Francisco branch leader Rob Wertheim reports:

"The day began with a traditional rush hour sortie at the MUNI Civic Center train station. We did a few less traditional things as well. One of our teams went to the Golden Gate Bridge, where they displayed a Jews for Jesus banner. The team also did some surveys in addition to handing out broadsides.

"The rest of the staff walked along Fisherman’s Wharf with another banner. We had a nine-member music team complete with trumpet, sax, cello, dumbek, and tambourine, led by one of our faithful volunteers and supporters, Katie Coddaire-Philpott. The music team settled into a location on the sidewalk. People were taking pictures from across the street, while some of us were engaging passersby in conversations.

"Meanwhile, other staff went to Pier 39, as well as the Ferry Building and Union Square to broadside. All in all, it was a great day to lift high the banner of Yeshua! We distributed 5,825 broadsides and had many conversations with all kinds of people."

Here’s what happened with our Berlin "Life from the Dead" Outreach:

In two weeks the team handed out 107,931 broadsides; 362 seekers gave their contact information to hear more from us, 50 of whom were Jewish. Thirty-three people professed faith in Christ through our interactions, three of whom were Jewish.

Avi Snyder writes:

"Our Berlin ‘Life from the Dead’ campaign just came to an end. We’re all rejoicing over what the Lord accomplished during the past two weeks.

"Between 10,000 and 15,000 young Israelis now live in Berlin. On top of that, July is the ‘high season’ for Israeli tourism in this city. So, not surprisingly, most of our team members interacted with Israelis every day. I hope you can appreciate the ‘wonder’-ful beauty of this: Jewish and German team members, sharing the love of Yeshua with Israelis on the streets of Berlin!

"On the last day of campaign, I was handing out our tracts at a well-known intersection called Ku’damm. A Jewish believer from the U.S. stopped by to encourage me. But after a moment, he lowered his voice and confided uncomfortably, ‘I don’t understand how you can do this.’ He was alluding to the ‘irony’ of us Jews proclaiming the gospel in Berlin [because it was the stronghold of the Nazi regime that wiped out a huge chunk of the Jewish people]. To be honest, his words bothered me. ‘We have to do this,’ I told him. ‘That’s the whole point of the gospel. These cities need to hear the gospel from us.’ 

"These days, some Christians are quick to utter a premature lament, like, ‘Oh, Berlin … the ground is so hard.’ If there’s any truth in that, then we Jews are the best people to break up the ground, extending the love and forgiveness we’ve found in Jesus."

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Last but not least, our London Olympic outreach:

Between July 23 and August 12, staff and volunteers handed out 96,925 gospel broadsides and received contact information from 468 seekers who want to hear more about Jesus, including 101 Jewish people. They also prayed with 53 people to receive the Lord, including five Jewish people. On the second-to-last day of campaign, two Jewish people prayed at the same time to receive the Lord, as did two sisters. On the final day of campaign, one campaigner prayed with an entire family to receive the Lord! The campaigners ended on a joyous note for sure!

And it didn’t hurt that a reporter from the Guardian noticed our Olympic campaigners and even quoted part of one of our broadsides: "In Parliament Square we may not have much idea of who’s winning, but we do have ‘Jews for Jesus’ handing out leaflets. ‘Just as the athlete must sacrifice everything to achieve his goal, so Jesus sacrificed everything to achieve his goal – to save us.’"  Click here to read the full article and here to see some of the pamphlets the team distributed.

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