2012 New York Summer Witnessing Campaign Wrap-Up

Campaigners hand delivered 289,839 gospel broadsides; 473 seekers (including 145 Jewish people) gave contact information to hear more about Jesus; 53 people professed faith in Jesus during our interactions with them; of those, two were Jewish.


Aaron Abramson:

"I had a great [follow-up] visit with a [Jewish] guy named Greg. He received some literature from one of our campaigners, Marc, in Times Square. Greg is going through some kind of crisis right now. He really never prayed to God, but he had begun to believe Jesus is the Messiah. He recognizes he has a real issue in his life—he is a sinner. I told him, ‘Welcome to the club! We all … need Jesus.’ I explained the gospel and he was open to praying with me. He prayed, ‘God, I want you to come into my life and be my Messiah.’ He felt that the broadside he received was a divine appointment, and that this is the first step in getting his life on course."

Giselle Le’Aupepe:

"We came across a mother and daughter, and the mother has been receiving our ISSUES publication (for Jewish seekers) for over twenty years. She loves it, but she is still seeking. Please pray for Galina and her daughter Lilia.

"We were at Union Square at the Regal Theatre expecting long lines for the new Batman movie, but no one was there. This guy came up and started talking with me, and within 30 seconds I went from asking him, ‘Who do you think God is?’ to, ‘Do you want to give your life to God?’ He was so ready to give his heart to the Lord, so he did. Here was a guy just hanging around smoking a cigarette who wanted to get saved. It is important we don’t take these casual interactions for granted."

Robyn Wilk:

"I took a call in the office from a Jewish woman named Elizabeth. She said, ‘I got a tract on the subway and I am really offended.’ I asked what offended her. She said, ‘Jews can’t believe in Jesus. This is ridiculous!’ Then she started grilling me about my Jewish education. She told me, ‘It is frustrating that you would say I should believe just because you say so.’ I told her, ‘I don’t want you to believe anything I say, because who am I? You should believe something because it is true. If Jesus is the Messiah, don’t you want to know?’ She said, ‘Why don’t you just call yourself a Christian?’ I said, ‘Okay, I am a Christian. But I am also Jewish.’ We had a ten-minute conversation. Then I asked if we could meet face-to-face. She agreed! Please pray for Elizabeth."

Susan Perlman:

"Giselle passed on the contact info from a man who writes a religious and ethics column for The Wall Street Journal. He said he would like to be in touch with us. Pray that this materializes into an interview for David Brickner."

Rachel Ascher:

"We were in Bryant Park, and I came across a young Orthodox Jewish couple who were very open to chatting. The man had read a lot of the Talmud [known as the Oral Law, it is an ancient, extensive collection of rabbinic commentary], so I asked him, ‘Have you read any of the Tanakh [Hebrew Bible] or Messianic Scriptures?’ I was able to share with him some Scriptures and he said, ‘Well, maybe I don’t remember and I need to go back and read them.’ I was also able to share why Messiah came and some of my story. I offered him a New Covenant, and he said, ‘I work in a library and I will look it up.’ Please pray for this couple."

Karen Myers:

"A man in a car called me over and said, ‘I am not Jewish, but I married a Jewish woman and we have four daughters. Recently one of my daughters converted to be a Messianic Jew, so I guess that means she is a Jew for Jesus.’ He asked for more information and took some literature. He gave me his contact information and is very interested in finding out more for himself and for his wife. Pray for Doug."

Karl deSouza:

"We were on the outskirts of a Hasidic community, wearing Jews for Jesus T-shirts, holding a sign in Hebrew that read, ‘What is the name of King Messiah? His name is Jesus.’ People were driving by and some stopped to look at the sign. One Hasidic man took our picture with the sign and said, ‘This is going to be free publicity.’ We received three unsaved Hasidic contacts during our time there."

Shoshannah Weinisch:

"Karen Myers got an Israeli contact, Hadas, last week. I followed up with a phone call and she was open to talk. She said, ‘You are probably not going to change my mind, but I want to know what all of this is about. It would really help if I could speak to someone in Hebrew.’ So I got [New York branch leader] Aaron Abramson and he had a great conversation with her."

Ofer Levy:

"I went into a Hasidic bookstore and asked to see a Bible. I was able to share with the employee from Isaiah 52 and 53. After reading these sections, the employee had some questions. We were able to go through the passage verse by verse; the employee was well-versed in the Bible. At the end I said, ‘There is only one figure in the history of Israel who fulfilled everything that we read just now and He came 2,000 years ago.’ It clicked and the employee said, ‘You know, I was afraid you were going to say that.’ He then closed the book and asked me to leave. Later Anna Maria Misiti told us that she had been in that store before and had shared with that same employee. He provided her with his contact information and she sent him a Hebrew New Testament."

Please continue to pray for the follow-up from campaign and that the gospel seed that was sown will bear fruit!


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