2012 London Olympics Outreach Report

Between July 23 and August 12, staff and volunteers handed out 96,925 gospel broadsides and received contact information from 468 seekers who want to hear more about Jesus, including 101 Jewish people. They also prayed with 53 people to receive the Lord, including five Jewish people.



"I was broadsiding outside a bank and the manager ran out and asked, ‘What are you selling?’ I gave her our ‘Lord of the Rings’ broadside and she read it silently and carefully. She said, ‘This is very good. It is wonderful. I really like the artwork. I am going to take it in there and display it and let the people in the bank see it, too."


"I saw a lady wearing an ankh (the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that means ‘life’). I handed her our broadside, ‘Beware of Religious Fanatics.’ She thought this was very funny. I asked her if she knew Jesus. She said she had as a child, but had subsequently become a witch. I shared my story with her and challenged her to consider the source of the power she experienced.

"I saw a man being pushed by his attendant in a wheelchair. I asked if he could take a leaflet. He was very poor of sight and had to hold it close to read it. He said he used to go to church, but had experienced so much rejection that he was no longer interested. He was happy to speak with me. Then I asked his attendant, ‘Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior?’ The attendant drew me aside and told me that he is a pastor, but that he was not allowed to share his faith [while on the job], but now he was very glad he had a reason to be able to follow up our conversation!"


"I spoke with a young Muslim woman who’d had some Christian influence in her life. Her father had died two years ago and she was very frightened of death. She prayed with me to receive Jesus!"


"I met a middle-aged woman who was trying to avoid me, but finally consented to talk. She told me that she had been to church. I took her through the proposal statement. When I said to her, ‘The Lord is making a proposal to you,’ and asked her if she would like to receive Him, tears came down her face and we prayed together!

"I met another woman who had been to church and had a vision that when she died she would be with her [believing] relatives who had passed. I told her that she needed to go through the Door, which was Jesus, to get to that place. She admitted that she was struggling with unforgiveness. She was then able to pray for those who had offended her. After that, she prayed to receive the Lord!"

Avi Snyder:

"I gave a woman a broadside and asked her if she knew about Jesus. She thought Jesus was real and was ‘up there.’ I told her that I believed he is the Messiah of our people—of all people. I shared about sin, which causes guilt and broken relationships. I told her that Jesus can fix that and asked her if she thought this was true. She said it would be nice if Jesus could step in and help a little more. I responded, ‘Why do you think He sent me over to talk to you?’ Her eyes widened, and I said ‘God said, "Call upon me and I will answer you in your day of trouble." He will step in the moment you call out to Him. But first you need to ask Him to forgive you your sins.’ So she said yes and prayed and gave her heart to the Lord."


"I met a young Jewish man named Jordan who asked me (sarcastically) to convert him! I said I was not there to convert him, but that I would like to share with him about Jesus. He said he was Jewish, but he no longer believed in God. I was able to share a bit of the gospel and told Jordan that God wanted to have a relationship with him. He gave me his contact information. I encouraged Jordan to read Isaiah 53 at home. He asked me for a sign and I said, ‘Don’t I count as a sign?’

"I also met a young Asian man named Roger. I asked him if he knew who Jesus was. He thought He was a good man. I explained that He was much more, that He was the Savior who died for our sins. I asked if Roger had read the Bible. He said it was on his shelf at home. I asked if he was open to pray to receive Jesus; he was and did. He then said he felt relieved after praying. Roger went away with John’s Gospel in his pocket and new life in his heart!


"I met a man in his twenties who was listening to his iPod. I asked him ‘Who do you think Jesus is?’ The man looked at me with shock and said that the previous night he had typed into Google, ‘Why are we born?’ [An indication that he was searching for meaning in his life.] I replied, ‘And now you are talking to me!’ I shared the gospel with him, and he agreed to receive more information."


"At the tube [subway] station I saw my cousin’s mother-in-law, who responded, ‘I can’t talk to you when you are wearing that [Jews for Jesus T-shirt]. I will call you during the week!’

"I met an Israeli woman, Ruth, whose son took me over to meet her. Ruth is married to a believer and is currently seeking and very open to the things of the Lord. This was the first time she had met a Jewish believer in Jesus!

"While broadsiding, I saw someone I hadn’t seen since we had been to Notting Hill Carnival together four years ago [before I was a believer]. He said that I looked really different and great. He said that he knew I posted ‘things’ on Facebook, but he hadn’t realized that I took religion so seriously—he was weirded out, but impressed!

"Then a woman was standing near me and I asked her who she thought Jesus was. She said she had been searching and she thought that Jesus was the Son of God. I asked her if she had received him as her Savior and she said no. I asked her if she wanted to do it now. She said that she would like to, so we prayed the sinner’s prayer. She told her partner what she had done, and he said that he had been waiting for years for her to do this."


"Zach, a young man in a mini car, saw my shirt and asked me how I can be a Jew and believe in Jesus. He explained that he was Jewish and asked me, ‘Who is Jesus for you?’ Before he drove away, I said that I believed Jesus was the Messiah and that it was all in the Tanakh."

"I met a man who thought my ‘Jesus Made Me Kosher’ shirt was about food. I explained that it was about Jesus making me clean, forgiving my sin. He thought that Jesus only died for the people in His day and His sacrifice was only for then. I explained that His death was for all our sins for all people for all time and was applicable for today. I then led him in a prayer of salvation and he received the Lord!"


"We were at the entrance to the tube when Simon asked me to come with him to speak to a couple from Israel, as I speak Hebrew and he doesn’t. I talked them through the gospel tract and they were very open and listened to me. They said they would like to check out Jews for Jesus, but unfortunately we didn’t have a Hebrew Bible and they didn’t give me their contact info. But they did accept my contact info, so I am hoping they will get in touch with me.

"We went to the Diamond District, and I met a young Jewish guy, Ari. He asked me to explain Jews for Jesus. He listened and asked questions and was very interested. But as I was giving him a copy of the Messianic prophecy tract, he became conscious that people were watching our interaction. He didn’t leave his contact details; he said that there were enough resources on the Internet. I said he could always contact me for more information.

"As we were still talking, another Jewish man, Zach, interrupted and wanted to know more about Jews for Jesus. He also asked for the name of a good church and gave me his contact details. Amazingly, I had two seekers at one time!"


"I met a man who said, ‘I really need to make up my mind and know about God.’ He had some Jewish ancestry and his mother was a Jehovah’s Witness. He had been attracted to talk because of my T-shirt, and filled out the contact card to know more.

"We met a Jewish man who wanted to talk about Jesus; he had been a heroin addict, had gone to prison and was now going to synagogue weekly. But he had heard about Jesus in prison and wanted to know more. We had a long conversation and he gave his contact details and took a Gospel of John."

Barry B.:

"At Stratford a lot of officials were telling us we had to move. Then a policeman turned up who ‘happened’ to be a believer and asked if the others had told us to move. He said we just needed to move five yards. Then my entire team witnessed to all the police. Later we met a group of ‘Team Islam,’ Muslims in blue T-shirts, like us! But it didn’t stop us, even though they surrounded Warren at one point."


"I met a young woman, Anna, at Trafalgar Square and asked who she thought Jesus was. She was very interested in knowing who He was, and when I said that He had a good plan for her life, that piqued her curiosity even more. Then when I asked her if she wanted to pray and ask for forgiveness for her sins, she agreed. We went and stood in a quiet spot, and I led her in the sinner’s prayer as she committed her life to Jesus."


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