RealTime August 2012

Small Miracles
August 14, 2012

  • Video (above): Ruth Rosen introduces David Brickner’s article. When you think of modern-day miracles what comes to mind? For most people it is something spectacular, unmistakably impossible apart from God’s intervention. And, technically, miracles are God’s cosmic interruptions of natural occurrences. We ask God to perform miracles, such as reversing terminal cancer. I…

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Jews for Jesus News
August 12, 2012

As promised, we’ve prepared for you a wrap-up (and lots of great photos) from last month’s NYC Summer Witnessing Campaign; also we have final reports from our Berlin "Life from the Dead" outreach and our London Olympics Campaign. Thanks for Praying! Here’s the story on our 2012 New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign: Campaigners hand…

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August 11, 2012

Add a special touch to a book you’re giving as a gift… or send your college freshman off with biblical art to mark her place in all those textbooks. We have the most gorgeous bookmarks, crafted for you in Israel. For free shipping on the set of eight, order online by September 30, using coupon…

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Also in this Edition
August 10, 2012

Get ready for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) with our "New Years in September?" tract, broadsides we used in New York and London, our Kosher Joe Rosh Hashanah video, Rosh Hashanah ecards and a sneak peek (PDF) of our September newsletter. Plus check out this week’s Parsha [weekly Torah reading] in 60 seconds. Broadside…

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2012 New York Summer Witnessing Campaign Wrap-Up
August 9, 2012

Campaigners hand delivered 289,839 gospel broadsides; 473 seekers (including 145 Jewish people) gave contact information to hear more about Jesus; 53 people professed faith in Jesus during our interactions with them; of those, two were Jewish. Stories Aaron Abramson: "I had a great [follow-up] visit with a [Jewish] guy named Greg. He received some literature…

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2012 Berlin Outreach Report
August 7, 2012

Stories Paul: "I was handing out broadsides near a coffee shop and I noticed a man standing nearby, apparently waiting for a friend. We talked a bit, me in German and he in Hebrew, as Ariel is an Israeli. When I offered to send him more information in Hebrew, he agreed gladly. No sooner had…

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2012 London Olympics Outreach Report
August 6, 2012

Between July 23 and August 12, staff and volunteers handed out 96,925 gospel broadsides and received contact information from 468 seekers who want to hear more about Jesus, including 101 Jewish people. They also prayed with 53 people to receive the Lord, including five Jewish people. Stories Pam: "I was broadsiding outside a bank and…

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