New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign 2011

Stewart Weinisch was following up on a contact from Summer Campaign, and when he told the man who’d answered the phone that he was from Jews for Jesus, the man cursed and yelled and then hung up. So Stewart sent him an email and asked, “Why did you give us your phone number if you didn’t want to talk?” The man answered Stewart and they are now corresponding by email. Stewart says, “Sometimes perseverance pays off!  Pray that he responds to the truth.”

Similarly, a man named Jacob called our office after receiving a broadside at Yankee stadium.  He gave Sandy, our admin worker who answered the phone, a really hard time.  She passed the call along to missionary Shoshannah Weinisch.  Jacob gave her a hard time too, but Shosh says, “I gave him a hard time back and won his respect.”

It turns out that Jacob has been getting ISSUES, our publication for Jewish seekers, for years. He had attended a Messianic congregation 30 years ago because he was married to a Christian and they were trying to find some common ground. Since then, his wife has passed away. He never became a believer, but his two daughters are both believers. Shosh had a lengthy conversation with him and challenged him to look at Michael Brown’s Jewish Objections book (a very well done apologetics book by a Jewish believer who deals with common questions or barriers to faith in Jesus). Jacob gave his phone number and he and Shosh agreed that conversations could continue after he does some research. Shosh says, “Pray that Jacob follows through!” 

As Shoshannah was making follow-up calls she spoke to Angela, a Christian who wanted to talk to one of us about her Jewish friend, Josh.  Shosh prayed with Angela for Josh’s salvation and invited them to the Tuesday evening lecture at the branch and they both came! Josh had extensive conversations with Loren Jacobs, Stewart Weinisch and Irving Salzman, who is the leader of Beth Messiah Congregation.  Josh seems well on his way to salvation! Please pray!

David Brickner handed a broadside to a man who turned out to be the pastor of a Haitian church in NYC.  He told David, “Last week I preached the broadside I received on the street!”  As they were talking, a Jewish woman came by and blurted out, “Keep your Jesus!”  David responded, “Ma’am, it is Jesus who is keeping me.” The pastor looked at David and said, “That will be my sermon for this week!”

Martha was at Atlantic Avenue when she met a Muslim who confided that he has been secretly reading the Bible online.  He was very cautious as he spoke to Martha.  Please pray for him. On the same sortie Martha met Maori, an Israeli.  He had previously spoken to Ofer and Alex; it seems like God is pursuing him.  Martha spoke with him at length.

A Jewish woman was on her way to the gym a few doors down when she noticed the Jews for Jesus board on the sidewalk.  She entered the building and asked if she could attend the event.  She sat through the lecture and interacted with people afterwards.  Martha spoke with her before she left and found out Goldie and her boyfriend (who was not present) are from an Orthodox background and disillusioned with the community.  Goldie said that if her boyfriend would join her she would come back the following week!

Sarah Ascher was in Union Square Park when a Jewish man approached her and said that when he was twelve just to rebel he told his parents that he was a “Jew for Jesus.” He went on to say, “They flipped out!”  Fast forward, now he is an adult and he works out at the gym right by our office so he is continually reminded of Jews for Jesus. Now he seems interested in finding out who Jesus really is.

Another day, Sarah was at Broadway & 32nd when someone asked, “Where is the Empire State building.”  At the same time, a young Orthodox Jewish woman came by, but Sarah couldn’t talk to her while she was giving this other person directions. The Orthodox woman walked away and Sarah was really annoyed with herself for missing that opportunity; however, the woman came back ten minutes later and said, “I really wanted to talk to you. I just came back from Israel and I’m on a real quest.”  Sarah had a chance to talk with Alisa after all, and to take her contact information.

Ofer Levy was at Avenue J when a woman named Lisa came to him and said, “You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Lisa is a conservative Jew; her husband is modern Orthodox.  Despite her remark, she admitted that since she was eighteen she has wanted to know more about Jesus.  This was an opportunity for her to ask her questions concerning Jesus and the New Testament. They had a good conversation and Lisa gave her contact information.

Sorcha and Keilah were doing a sortie at 96th and Broadway. They prayed that God would give them a chance to share with some Jewish people and, immediately after they prayed, they met two Israeli men.  One was very sarcastic, but the other man, Yossi, was interested and gave them his contact information. They were very encouraged by such immediate answer to prayer.

Micha Cohen was at Washington Square Park and another Christian group was there doing God’s work as well.  He started talking to Adrianne, an older woman whom the other group had witnessed to, but Micha ended up praying with her to receive Christ.  Micha said, “It was so exciting.  One plants, one waters, but God gives the increase!”

Tamar went to Starbucks on her day off; she noticed two Jewish women, so she sat right between them. On her left was an Orthodox woman and on her right was an Israeli woman.  The Israeli woman asked her how to use the Wi-Fi in Starbucks, so she helped her. They got into a conversation and she found out her name was Addie.  Tamar asked her who she thought Jesus was. Addie said she knew quite a bit about Jesus, but she did not believe in Him. It turns out that Addie works with the wife of a Jewish believer in Israel. She told Tamar to Facebook this guy and tell him, “I am in Starbucks and I am sitting with Addie and telling her about Jesus, too.” So Tamar did it! 

Tamar then got into a conversation with the Orthodox woman on the other side of her and they spoke for 45 minutes. Tamar talked to her about various Messianic prophecies and asked, “What do you think of this?”  The woman responded, “I know what my Rabbis teach us.”  Tamar said, “You have to study for yourself, and you have to decide for yourself.” The woman asked Tamar to write down the references for all the prophecies she had mentioned, and she said that she would come back to get them.  Tamar wrote them down and waited, but the woman did not come back. Nevertheless, she had been challenged to think for herself and Tamar was thrilled that her “day off” had given her such great opportunities to witness!

Murray met a man who was having his first internet date with a girl he had chatted with online (he had driven into the city to meet her). When the man said that he was a Christian, Murray boldly asked if he was equally yoked with the woman he’d been chatting with. He replied no, and it turned out that the guy’s date was Jewish and willing to give Murray her contact information to hear more about Jesus. Shoshannah Weinisch called to follow up with Diane (not her real name), who said to Shosh, “God must have a purpose in having made this connection.”  She told Shosh that she was not interested in the guy, but that she was interested in Jesus!  Shosh set up a visit with her.


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