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Paula reports, “Two men who seemed to be in their 20s asked permission to take my picture because of my T-shirt saying, ‘Juden für Jesus.’ One of them, Martin, was Jewish. I explained the gospel and Martin wanted to pray to receive Jesus. His friend Jan said he was not ready and would think about it. Both gave me their info for further contact.”

Linda reports, “A week after I shared the gospel with a French woman named Nicole, she saw me in the same market where we’d first met and called my name. I turned and looked into her eyes saying, ‘Did you remember what I told you the last time we met?’ She said ‘Yes.’ I asked if she was ready to receive Jesus into her life and she said she was. She prayed to receive forgiveness. She told me she felt heat from the top of her head to the tips of her feet. What joy she now has to take back to France!”

Also from Linda, “When I asked Susanna who she thought Jesus was, she replied, ‘I’m Jewish but I’ve been going to the Catholic Church; I believe Jesus is the Living God.’ I told her how He died for her so that she might have forgiveness for her sins, and a personal relationship with Him. She asked me to go with her for juice and I went. She asked Jesus to forgive her and we enjoyed sweet fellowship as sisters in the Lord.

“A few minutes later a man who was handing out fliers told me, ‘I’ll take what you have, if you take one of mine.’ I exchanged my gospel broadside for his Mango Juice flier. I asked who he thought Jesus was and Seve replied, ‘I believe He is the Son of God.’ I probed further and he told me he had never asked Jesus to forgive him, so he did so with me right there on the street. Then he said, ‘Wait here; I’ll be right back.’ He brought me back some juice! This was, I guess, ‘Juice for Jesus Day!’

“A French Jewish family of four approached me and asked about Jesus. After the 15-year-old daughter translated into French everything I said about Yeshua (Jesus), they all held hands and prayed to receive Jesus and His forgiveness. This was an amazing privilege to see an entire Jewish family come to the Lord, and now they all have the same spiritual birthday.

“I met Gilkea from Brazil, a Jewish woman who had been raised by nuns. She knew about Jesus, but wanted to know Him in a personal way. She prayed with me to receive Him. Then Fabinno, another Brazilian, crossed my path. He had already heard the Good News about Jesus and was ready to receive Him.

“A young German man about 21 or so named Coy was with two friends from the U.S.—believers from Campus Crusade for Christ. Coy said that he knew who Jesus is, and was ready to receive forgiveness from the Savior of the world. I gave the three of them some material in German, and Coy’s friends said they would lead Coy to the Lord over lunch.”

Greg reports, “I asked two Israelis who they thought Jesus was and they said they didn’t know. I told them the gospel and asked if they believed it. They said it might be true. Then I read to them from Isaiah 53 and asked who the text is speaking about and they said, ‘Jesus.’ They asked, ‘Why don’t the rabbis teach this?’ I asked, ‘What do you think would happen if they did?’ I asked if I could send them a book about Yeshua, and if they would consider it with an open mind. They agreed and gave me their contact information. Please pray for Chen and Tamir.”

Vova reports, “While I was handing out gospel tracts at Hackescher Markt (a very Jewish place in Berlin), a rickshaw stopped by me. The man pointed to me and told his two passengers: ‘These are Jews for Jesus!’ Then he politely asked me for a broadside. I gave it to him and he put it carefully into his pocket. He continued on his route, while explaining to his tourists who Jews for Jesus are. It seems as though Jews for Jesus is a new attraction in Berlin!

“While I was on a sortie at Rathaus Steglitz, a middle-aged man took a broadside and went on. A few seconds later he ran back to me with a smile on his face. His English was not fluent, but he managed to explain that he had been a supporter of Jews for Jesus for about three years. He hugged and blessed me saying, ‘Continue the good work!’


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