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Thank you for praying for our Frankfurt outreach. It has been a real joy for us Jews for Jesus to team up with a group of Arab believers in Jesus to proclaim the gospel on the streets of Germany. What a story to peace only Jesus can bring!

The team handed out 81,665 broadsides, and received contact information from 153 seekers, 28 of whom are Jewish. They prayed with four people to receive the Lord. Please pray for God to continue watering all the gospel seed that was sown.

Here are a few stories to help you get a feel for what the campaigners experienced:


“I flew to Germany from New York via Dublin and I met a man named Jeremy on the plane. I talked with him a lot about Jesus during the flight. Jeremy was very glad to see me again on the streets of Frankfurt; he gave me his contact information to get more information about God and the Bible.”


“For the first several days of campaign I prayed that I would get a Jewish contact. God answers prayer! As I was giving out broadsides, I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned and a woman asked me for a tract. Julia turned out to Jewish, and while she objected to Jews believing in Jesus, she was open enough to give me her contact information.”

“During a sortie (tract-passing expedition) a couple of Muslims came near where I stood and began to shout loudly, ‘Jewish people are crazy! Jews for Jesus are crazy!’ It was a little upsetting, but as soon as they left, a couple of other people came to talk to me. They had been attracted by the commotion and were very interested in what I had to say. Both gave their contact information; one was a believer, and the other was a Muslim.”


“I noticed a woman staring at my T-shirt, so I offered her a broadside. She explained to me that she goes to church but for her it is empty tradition. I told her about Jesus and asked her if she’d ever invited Jesus into her heart. She said ‘no’ so I invited her to pray to receive Him and she gladly agreed.”


“I began walking across a bridge and gave a broadside to a young pregnant woman who was walking towards me. She looked so shocked that I asked her why she was so startled.  She explained that as she began to cross the bridge from the other end, she stopped to look at the water and the sky and she began to pray, ‘God, how can I get to know you? How can I have a relationship with you?’ She remained for quite a while praying like this, and then walked on. And when she arrived at the end of the bridge she got her answer – my tract. I explained the gospel to her, and she was ready to accept Jesus. She did not want to do it in the street but she would go straight home and commit her life and her unborn child to Him.”


“I was giving out tracts in the street and close by there was a kiosk where a man sat doing palm reading and other such things. Suddenly, he rushed to where I stood and said, ‘Get out of here! You are spoiling my energy!’ He was very aggressive. Just as I was wondering what to do, a juice seller from another shop kindly offered, ‘Please stay here, in front of me; you do not bother me at all.'”


“Many years ago, I wanted to be an atheist. In one day of campaign, God gave me an opportunity to speak with three people who claimed to be atheists. I told each of them a bit of my story and how I tried to be one. Eventually, each one of them gave me their contact information. Please pray for God to change their hearts the way He changed mine.”


Hyam and Diane CohenHyam Cohen, dear friend of Jews for Jesus, is now in glory after a long battle with cancer; it is sad for us, but we rejoice for him.

His wife, Diane, wrote, “Our Hyam passed from this life to his permanent heavenly home on August 8th. He was glad to be able to be among his family and favorite things at home these last weeks. He told me Thursday he’d made a decision to quit fighting for life here and ‘just wanted to be with Jesus.'”

Hyam and Diane were co-laborers with Jews for Jesus in the Seattle area before joining our staff in San Francisco. Hyam headed our Purple Pomegranate Productions while Diane worked with the San Francisco branch. Eventually the Cohens moved to Florida where they continued to be involved through our Fort Lauderdale branch. Hyam served as chief steward on several of our witnessing campaigns. He is a dear brother and we will miss him. Please pray God’s comfort for Diane and the many family members who are missing this dear brother.


Our Washington, D.C. branch plans to participate in two local Labor Day parades. Please pray for the gospel seeds that will be distributed along the parade routes as the “team” proclaims the Good News with music, banners, broadsides and on our T-shirts.

The Washington, D.C. branch of Jews for Jesus is also sponsoring a booth at the Maryland State Fair from August 28 – September 7, 10:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M. daily. Please pray for the conversations that we will have as we distribute gospel literature. This event will be in Baltimore, which is home to 105,000 Jewish people, many of whom are religious, and most of whom do not know Jesus.

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Jews for Jesus branches are gearing up to greet new and returning students at college campuses around the world with a smile and a broadside tract. You can download a few of our broadsides here.

Also, we have a website for college aged Jewish seekers. If you know anyone who fits that description, please pass along this link


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