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One interesting thing about campaigning in your own city is the chance to meet family members while on the street. I was out broadsiding in Copacabana when I was approached by my Jewish cousin, Raquel. I spoke briefly with her and gave her a broadside. Raquel also happens to be my family’s dentist, and the next day Alexia had an appointment with her. Raquel told Alexia about our encounter. She actually mistook the elderly man I was broadsiding with for a woman; apparently, once she saw my ‘Jews for Jesus’ T-shirt that was all she could see!”


Broadsiding in Rio

The Rio Group

The Rio Group (we apologize for the low resolution but we did want you to see the team.)

“Because my foot was immobilized throughout the campaign I was not able to go on many sorties; however I was able to answer the phones and e-mails. One day a woman called sounding desperate; she was at the end of her rope and thinking of suicide. She received one of our broadsides and called to find out if we had a church where we met. I explained to her that we were not a church but a missionary organization. She seemed disappointed that we didn’t have a church, but I told her that God had a plan for her life, and that His love for her was so great that He had sent her that broadside showing her how she could have a relationship with Him. She began to cry and said that all the relationships in her life had disappointed her, and that she was utterly alone. I went through the ‘Roman’s Road’ with her and she prayed and received Yeshua as her Savior.”


“On my first day of campaign I went to the Maracan stadium. I was broadsiding at gate 18, which is one of the busiest ones, when suddenly a young man who looked about 20 years old approached me. I used the proposal statement, and when I asked him if anything was keeping him from making that decision, he responded that no one had ever explained it to him. He then asked Jesus into his heart.”


“I was broadsiding on Copacabana Beach when I gave a middle-aged man pushing a stroller a broadside. After a few minutes I saw that he had turned around and was following me as I walked on the boardwalk. I stopped; as he approached me he said that he was interested in receiving more information. I asked him what information he was looking for and he said that he was Jewish and wanted to know more about Jesus. I explained to him, by sharing some Old Testament Scriptures, that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah who came and died for our transgressions and rose again. The man quickly replied that he wanted to know Messiah. I went through the proposal statement and, with tears in his eyes and a humble heart, he prayed to receive Yeshua as his Savior. Only the Lord could have brought this Jewish man from Amsterdam–fluent in Portuguese–to Copacabana on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon just in time to hear the Good News of the gospel.”


“On the first day of campaign I learned that my 12-year-old brother had a malignant tumor in one of his eyes which had to be removed immediately. Shaken, I prepared to go back to be with my mother and brother during the surgery. Before I left, the team prayed for me. That day, my mother and I decided to take my brother to get a second opinion. The second doctor was quite upset about the first diagnosis, and said that my brother had an easily-treated eye infection. That evening, I returned to the campaign.

“Later that week it took us nearly two hours to get to the event where we were supposed to be broadsiding, and when we arrived, no one was there. After calling campaign headquarters, we went to a nearby location. On the way, one of our team members approached a young man who was walking alone. He turned out to be Jewish, and open enough to give his contact information. We continued walking to our second location and passed by a hospital. Out rushed a girl, telling someone on her cell phone that her father was not going to make it. I apologized for overhearing what she said, and asked her if we could pray for her. She gladly agreed and we learned that she was a brand new believer in Yeshua. I truly believe that the Lord sent us there to encourage her, and that He allowed me to go through the situation with my brother to help me be more sensitive to people’s needs.”


“On Friday about 8:30 PM, Adilan and I were broadsiding on a street parallel to the street where Beit Lubavitch, the most Orthodox synagogue in Rio, is located. As a middle-aged man with graying hair passed by, I offered him a broadside and said ‘Shabbat Shalom!’ I did not know that he was the president of the Jewish Federation in Rio. He stood quite close to me, cursing me and screaming profanity. The only reason why he would not hit me, he said, was that it was Shabbat. I did not back down, but kept telling him that Messiah Yeshua loved him and that I loved him and his people. He finally walked away, leaving a crowd of onlookers behind. After he left, one couple asked what I had said to him. I replied, ‘I just asked him to read Isaiah 53 to see what it says about the Messiah.’ They asked me what Isaiah 53 was about, and I had a chance to share with them about Yeshua. One lady said that she was going straight home to look in her Tanach to see what it says. Pray for their salvation!”


“It is such a blessing for us to see the power of the gospel in action. Wallace and I were at the Siqueira Campos subway station, when a middle-aged woman approached me looking sad and oppressed. Her mother had passed away, she was alone, had no hope and wished only to die. Yet the Holy Spirit used me to reach her desperate heart–she prayed and received the Lord as her Savior. She left with a changed countenance. The Lord saved her life and her soul.”


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