New York City Summer Campaign 2007


During campaign training at Moody Bible Institute, I had to memorize our proposal statement*, reciting it over and over. I have to admit, I began feeling bored with it! But during campaign, a woman named Maureen was so moved that she burst into tears halfway through the proposal statement! That was an incredible reminder to me of how the gospel is the power of salvation!”

*A brief statement including questions and answers to engage a person in a gospel discussion, and when appropriate, to pray with them to repent and receive Jesus.

“At Bryant Park, an Israeli named Avi was hurting over the recent loss of his grandfather–and seeking answers. He did not think Jesus was the Messiah, but was willing to give his contact information for further discussion. Please pray for his salvation.”

“Later, a young Jewish woman with her little boy stopped to talk. I asked what made her so interested in spiritual issues. She said she’d had a rough childhood and wanted her son to have a better one. She gladly gave me her address and phone number and asked several times when someone could come over to tell her more! Please pray for Jenny!”


“Please pray for David, a French Lubavitch (ultra-Orthodox sect) Jewish man in his late 30s, who had a sweet spirit and asked real, sincere questions. We had a great connection and a powerful and anointed conversation.”

“I was handing out pamphlets on the Upper West Side at 86th and Broadway. A middle-aged guy stopped to announce that he was an atheist and that all religious people are deluded about God’s existence! I asked this ‘fool, who said in his heart that there is no God’ to stay, so we could have an intelligent conversation. He refused, turned away and launched himself out into the middle of 86th Street. He did not even have the sense to look at the red light and was almost hit by a bus! It was such a picture of those who are secure in their unbelief and supposed understanding of the universe, yet do not even have wisdom enough to cross a street safely.”

“A young man took a pamphlet, left, read it and came back to talk. He told me that he didn’t like its message–that we are unable to save ourselves. I explained that none of us is good enough to approach God on our own, pointing out that in Bible times, ordinary Jewish people couldn’t go into the Most Holy Place of the Temple, where the Shechinah (Presence of God) was manifested on Earth. We needed a mediator, a priest (cohen in Hebrew) to approach God on our behalf. I explained that Yeshua is our Priest, who alone is able to do that for us today. Then the young man told me that he was a cohen (from a priestly family, descendants of Aaron) and understood what I was getting at. I suggested that he read more about Yeshua and gave him a copy of the Gospel of John, which he took it and went on his way.”


“I met Reinhold at Battery Park. He told me his parents were German Jews who hid their Jewishness from everyone, even when they moved to the States after the war. Reinhold was depressed, jobless and wondering what he was going to do for the rest of his life. I presented the gospel and he prayed to receive the Lord right there on the park bench!”


“Rachel, a young Jewish woman, was somewhat ‘testy’ as I explained why we believe Jesus is the Messiah. As the conversation continued, however, she became quiet as she took it all in. At the end of the conversation she actually said, ‘Thank you for explaining this to me.’ Please pray for Rachel’s eyes to be opened as this seed was planted in her heart.”

“Abraham, an Egyptian Jew, left Israel 37 years ago for Brooklyn, which he calls ‘Jerusalem outside of Israel.’ He claimed he was familiar with the writings of the Prophets and wanted to know why I believed Jesus was the Messiah. I answered with a specific prophecy from Micah–that Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem. Then I reminded Abraham that today, unlike the time of Jesus, Bethlehem has a completely Arab population. He paused, realized that maybe he didn’t know what he thought he knew and asked for a pamphlet. Then he left, promising to read it!”

“In Union Square Park I had a great conversation with a young Jewish woman who was dressed in a fairy costume (wings and all) to distribute flyers for a bookstore. She approached me to say that, for a couple of years, she had been curious about Jews for Jesus. She listened raptly as I explained, then she asked some sincere questions. Before she left she took a booklet explaining more about Jewishness and faith in Messiah. Please pray for her salvation.”

“I was handing out pamphlets at 72nd and Broadway on the Upper West Side. As I braced myself in the face of many perturbed reactions that came at a steady pace, I was pleasantly surprised by Margaret, an older Jewish woman with a lovely English accent. She asked about my beliefs and then confided that she was beginning to believe in Jesus herself. She knew that meeting me on the street was no coincidence. When I asked if she was to ask Yeshua into her life to be her sin-bearer and Messiah, she said: ‘Almost, but not now.’ Pray for Margaret.”


“I was speaking to a Christian who had a burden for her Jewish friend to know Jesus and as the conversation drew to an end, we prayed together on the street. A Jewish man who had been watching us approached me after and, to my astonishment, said he needed to apologize for all the abuse he’d heaped on Jews for Jesus over the years. I asked Dave what he believed now, and he openly confessed his belief in Jesus though he did not feel he had the faith to follow Him. By the end of our conversation, however, David was ready to repent and pray to receive the Lord!”


“At Bryant Park, I was handing out tracts and interacting with people. I gave a tract to a guy, who thanked me and, as I was walking away, called after me, ‘Hey, my girlfriend is Jewish.’ I said, ‘Oh, really?’ and we started talking. Juan knew all about Jesus but had never received Him personally. He was very open, and soon prayed to receive the Lord. I said, ‘Do you really care for your girlfriend who is Jewish?’ He said, ‘Yes, I do.’ I then challenged him: ‘If you really love your Jewish girlfriend, you need to follow Jesus and consider your relationship with her.’ Please pray for Juan to grow in the faith, and to be a witness to the girl he has been dating.”


“I am one of the regular New York missionaries and part of the follow-up team. I’ve been having a lot of fun e-mailing Richard, who is a 23-year-old Jewish man. He is searching and had questions about my story. I got saved at 23, which I mentioned to him. Please pray for Richard’s salvation.”

Susan Perlman:

“One of the things that encourages us is seeing how even those who react negatively toward us may be hungry for the gospel. A Jewish man told me really indignantly that he didn’t want one of my pamphlets. He had a son about eight years old with him and they were walking down the steps into the subway area. He could no longer see me, but I could still see them as his son picked up one of our broadsides off the step and handed it to his dad. The father took it, and as he was walking I saw him reading–he had wanted to know more than he let on.”

Susan Mendelson: (part of the follow-up team)

“Last year, one of the women who responded to a gospel ad we had during campaign contacted us. I directed her to a Messianic congregation and she began attending with her two sons. We reconnected a few months later and I began to visit with her. By God’s hand, I led her to the Lord. She was baptized this month. I am hoping that some of the people we met this year will have a similar story next year; please pray to that end.”


“It was Friday night as thousands of people waited outside the Barnes and Noble in Union Square for the midnight release of the final Harry Potter book, and we had a broadside ready to go to the crowds. Even after a full day of evangelism we found eight campaigners who wanted to go out for the fifth time. We handed out all our broadsides in 45 minutes flat! There were TV crews, people dressed in costumes and a general excitement in which Jews for Jesus was able to have a visible presence. We had some good conversations that night, as well.”


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Connect with Jews for Jesus. No matter where you are on the journey of life, whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish, a believer in Jesus or not – we want to hear from you. Chat with someone online or connect via our contact page below.  
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