Aaron Abramson reported:

Things were going great when I left the team in northern India. Spirits are strong, but we have encountered tangible spiritual opposition throughout. Still, we praise God for encouraging us in so many ways.

“We had a great time helping a local ministry in a coffee shop where hundreds of Israelis daily come to hang out. Our group was there to serve and speak with them, give out Bibles to those who were interested, etc.

“We decided to break up into smaller teams to cover more areas and be able to interact more personally with people. I took a team of four people to two other villages through which many Israeli travelers hike. Staying in guest-houses, we found ourselves interacting with everyone there. On our first day, we met two groups of Israelis who were interested in talking about the New Testament. One girl asked if I could loan my New Testament to her. I explained that it wouldn’t be too much of a problem to get another one. Pray for Shir as she reads the New Testament. Pray for Avi and Oved who also took New Testaments; I hope to e-mail them to see what they thought. People were smoking mounds of hashish and many were shocked that we didn’t smoke. Most were impressed with our commitment to our faith and remaining clearheaded and some recognized they would do better not to smoke either.

“One morning, Seth Richards and I sat with Esther as she wanted to read something in English. She grabbed Seth’s Bible and began reading the weekly parsha from Deuteronomy 1-2. Before long she discovered the New Testament and we had a great time sharing with her. Overall, our time as a small group was fruitful; we had meaningful conversations with more than 20 Israelis during those two days.

“God has been working in each one of us through both the difficulties and the victories. We are all growing in so many ways. In one town we volunteered at a local orphanage and spent time teaching the children from the Bible. It was fantastic.”

And, with just about a week left of Massah, Daniel Goldstein reported:

“Here’s what’s going on with us in India. The three teams are still in different areas and continuing to do evangelism. On Thursday all of the team will unite for our last day of evangelism. We are planning to ‘go all out’ in the main city where we’ve been based. Then we will be heading south towards Delhi where we will spend our last three days resting and debriefing.

“Seth’s team returned from a city in the far northern corner of India. They are recovering from their 20-hour bus ride and altitude sickness. I met the team as they returned and was glad to see that their spirits were high despite the illness and that they were looking forward to how God would use them in the next few days.

“Will’s team has been traveling around with a group of Israelis and has had a great time sharing and witnessing to them. My team has been having a great time getting to know people in our area well, considering we’ve seen many of the same people in the area over the past week and a half. The trip ended with the entire group praising God for what He had done.”

It will take weeks, if not months, for the group to process what they experienced. Pray that God will continue to guide their steps in service to Him, and pray once more for all those with whom they shared the gospel.


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