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This week in Hungary . . .

Many of our Jews for Jesus staff are in Budapest this week for the international meeting of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE). Tuvya Zaretsky (our Director of Staff Development) requests prayer as he has a key role in leading the conference. Please pray that all of our staff will be a blessing to the other individuals and organizations who are there, that decisions and discussions will be guided by the Holy Spirit, and that the conference will be a boost for Jewish evangelism around the world.

Please pray for Adventure Campers to recovery speedily from last week’s accident.

Last week on the drive back from Adventure Camp (Jews for Jesus Camp Gilgal) one of our vans was in a serious accident. Seven people were rushed to five Bay Area hospitals, three of them airlifted. All but two were released the same evening. The two who were seriously injured were Lauren and Sam. Lauren arrived in critical condition, but after surgery is now in stable condition. Sam’s injuries have been treated and he is also in stable condition. While both will be hospitalized for one week, they are expected to make a full recovery. Praise God!

Please pray for Lauren, Sam and their families, for speedy recoveries and that everyone involved in the accident will experience God’s peace and protection in the aftermath (no other vehicles were involved.) Please pray for all the other campers and their parents who are also affected by this, as are all of us who know and care for them.


Simchas (joys) and Sadness

Yoav and his big sister, Yael

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Mazel Tov to the Sered Family on the birth of a healthy baby boy, Yoav Barak Sered, born Sunday July 15 at 8:15 pm, 4.02 kg (about 8.8 pounds) and 55 cm long.

Mazel Tov also to Sara Herr and Matthew Friedman who were wed on Sunday, August 12. Matt and Sara met through the ministry of Jews for Jesus. They have been part of our New York branch, but when they return from their honeymoon they will join our Los Angeles branch, where they will be active in campus ministry, as well as children and youth work.

Please share our burdens:

A few of our staff members are currently mourning the loss of relatives who have passed since the last RealTime. Please pray for God to comfort the following Jews for Jesus staff, and that they can continue to minister to their unsaved family members during this difficult time:

  • Ellen Zaretsky, who lost her father, Irving Covett.
  • Robyn Wilk, who lost her grandfather, Harry Goldman.
  • Alan Bond, whose mother, Jo Bond, a strong believer in Jesus, passed on.
  • Laura Katz’s father, Uuno Vesanen, a strong believer in Jesus also passed away.

Myrna Tinsley, who has been entering data at Jews for Jesus Headquarters for longer than anyone in that department, had an unexpected bypass surgery last week. The Lord was gracious in getting her to the doctor just in time, as the major artery to her heart was 95% blocked. Please pray for Myrna’s recovery.

New Broadsides!

Jack Sternberg, Jewish believer, long time member of our U.S. Board of Directors, and retired oncologist, has written a broadside tract to help reach his golfing buddies. If you spend much time on the green, you’ll want to be sure to download this for your friends as well. It’s free! Click here.

If you are wondering whether we greeted fans of the Simpson movie with a new broadside during opening week, we did. Click here for the free download.



Pictured here is Lily, mother of Karl DeSouza (our Montreal outpost leader) handing out broadsides at a train station.

This is Richard Muller, faithful missionary with our Toronto branch.

Andrew Barron reports, “We had our Toronto/Montreal outreach from July 23 – August 4. We wanted a fast-paced flexible, diverse outreach to the major urban areas and Jewish neighborhoods of Montreal and Toronto. We handed out tracts at commuter stations and summer festivals, did street music and put up posters advertising public showings of our “Forbidden Peace” video (showing how Israelis and Palestinians have found reconciliation with one another through Jesus). We also went door-to-door and made evangelistic phone calls. In two weeks we met 19 Jewish people willing to give us their information for further contact–this was a victory for us.”

“As part of the outreach we sent out 2,800 Yiddish versions of an evangelistic DVD to the Hassidic (ultra-Orthodox) community of Montreal. Calls are continuing to come in response to this. We believe that this has been the most widespread evangelistic outreach that the Montreal Hassidic community has ever seen.”

Karl deSouza reports, “I struck up a conversation with a Hassidic couple, Shlomi and Leah. I showed them Isaiah 53 and they admitted it very well might be speaking about the Messiah. I told them that I believed this spoke about Jesus, and was rather shocked when Shlomi conceded that it might be so. I shared a bit of my story and challenged them to read the passages about Messiah and ask God for the truth. Please pray that they will.”

“We presented our ‘Forbidden Peace’ DVD in Toronto and drew a contingent of Jews for Judaism protesters. Aside from them, one of our Jewish visitors was a university student seeking spiritual truth who brought a couple of Israeli friends. She participated during the Q&A portion, but left before any of us could speak further with her. Later she returned saying, ‘I want to hear more.’ Finally ‘J’ gave us her e-mail address so we can keep in contact with her, as did her friends who are secular Israelis. Please pray for all of them to be saved.”

Also from Canada: Please pray for upcoming Christian Legal Fellowship meetings, where we hope to make many mutually beneficial contacts.”

New York

Larry Stamm requests: “Please pray for the growth of a new Jewish believer named Donald, and for the salvation of four Jewish seekers who are open to talking with me further: Eliah, Ken, Leor and Steve.”

Robyn Wilk requests: “Please pray for a Jewish woman named Yona. Her son is a believer who wants her to meet with me. I’ve sent her my story and I hope she will allow me to visit her. Also, please pray for Ruth, another Jewish woman I hope to visit soon.”


We will be having two “mini-campaigns” around the high holidays: one will be for literature distribution, the other for visiting Jewish seekers. Please pray that both will be fruitful!


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