RealTime August 2006

Jewish Facts of Life
August 1, 2006

This month’s Jewish holiday was on August 3. It is Tishah B’Av, or the Ninth of Av” (Av is one of the months on the Jewish calendar). The Union for Reform Judaism describes it this way: “Tishah B’Av, which means the ‘Ninth of Av,’ refers to a traditional day of mourning the destruction of both…

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Did You Know?

There is plenty more to say about the New York Behold Your God Campaign.

1. For campaign stories and photos, check out CAMPAIGN HAPS” (HAPPENINGS).

2. For an editorial reflecting on our ultra-Orthodox campaign, check out “THE FINE LINE: A POST BYG REFLECTION,” by Ruth Rosen.

3. To see how the gospel was amplified through cyberspace reactions to our message, check out “THE GOSPEL IN CYBERSPACE,” by Rich Robinson”

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Jews For Jesus Family News

We are grateful that Fred Wertheim (Steve’s and Rob’s father) came through an emergency surgery safely. An intestinal obstruction was found to be caused by Crohn’s disease. Please pray for a quick and full recovery for Fred, and for God’s peace for his wife Laura, their children and their grandchildren. Daniel Goldstein, (son of Jeannie…

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Real Deals
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If you’d like to hear 18 Jewish kids sing praises to their Messiah you’ve got to check out this month’s staff pick

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Sneak Peek
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As David mentioned, next month you will be receiving a special edition newspaper reporting more fully on Behold Your God. This will take the place of our usual Newsletter. Please be on the lookout for this 16-page publication. It will explain BYG from its inception to the end and will also be full of photos…

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Numbness and Joy and Wonder

I am writing to you on the return flight to San Francisco after five weeks in New York, leading our Behold Your God grand finale. It has been an amazing summer and I’m only just now beginning to catch my breath. Here is some of what happened

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