The Da Vinci Code

Some believe an elaborate conspiracy has perpetrated lies about Jesus. They say He was actually married to Mary Magdalene and had a child with her. As preposterous as this sounds to Bible believers who take the Gospels as, well, gospel, the idea of a different Jesus” has tremendous appeal to many people. Which is why “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown has been a best selling book, and has been featured on a recent prime time television talk show. Some synagogues and Jewish community centers have even offered lectures and classes based on the novel. If you know someone, particularly if you have a Jewish friend, who finds this book intriguing, you will want to read a messianic Jewish perspective on the book. Our most recent volume of ISSUES gives just that.

ISSUES is our evangelistic publication for Jewish seekers. Check out what it has to say about the Da Vinci Code.

After you read it, you can direct your Jewish friends to the site—it might provide the basis for an interesting discussion. In fact, if you would like us to offer a free subscription of ISSUES to your Jewish friend or relative, you can do so by going here.


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