Thanks for praying for our annual Summer Witnessing Campaign as well as the Behold Your God Manchester campaign last month.

Here are some of the results: In New York, in four weeks campaigners handed out 1,322,900 tracts, got names and addresses of 462 unbelieving Jewish people and 1,108 Gentiles wanting to know more. And they prayed with 82 Jews and 278 Gentiles to receive the Lord.

Here is a brief story concerning one of those people who prayed: Josh Brodt reports, For some reason I felt God was telling me to put a Gospel of John in French in my tract bag. I did, thinking I wouldn’t use it since I don’t speak French. That day I ran into a man who is French. We conversed in English, and he prayed with me to receive Jesus. Then I was able to give him this French Gospel. It was awesome.”

For a look at what the Des Moines Register in Iowa (July 14, “Borsellino: Getting in touch with New York and Jews for Jesus”) had to say about the campaign, go here.

In Manchester, in two weeks the team handed out 165,655 broadsides got names and addresses of 55 unbelieving Jewish people and 209 unbelieving Gentiles wanting to know more. And they prayed with 1 Jew and 32 Gentiles to receive the Lord.

Here is a story of one of the Jewish people who gave her name and address to hear more:

Madeleine Williamson reports, “I was handing out tracts at Piccadilly Gardens when a Jewish lady in her late fifties stopped and took one. She said she disapproved of what I was doing, but stuffed it in her handbag anyway. Then she looked at me properly and said, ‘You seem like such a nice Jewish girl!’ I replied that I was just a girl who believes in the Jewish Messiah, Jesus, and asked her what she thought about Him.

“She warned me that the Jewish media were saying all sorts of nasty things about Jews for Jesus. I answered gently and she proceeded to pour out her life’s troubles to me. Her name is Betty. She wasn’t ready to give her life to Jesus,but was open to be sent a book about Yeshua. I also said I would pray for her and she was touched that I offered to call her the next week to see how she was getting on. She even gave me a huge hug and planted a kiss on my cheek before walking away — very different from the suspicious and disapproving lady of 10 minutes before! Please pray for Betty, that God will touch her in her brokenness and restore her to Himself in Messiah Jesus.”

We had a few pics on these campaigns in last month’s Real Time. If you’d like to see a few more, go here.