They were attending the seventh International LCJE (Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism) conference. Our very own Tuvya Zaretsky is president of LCJE and presided at these meetings. Several of our Jews for Jesus staff and board members attended as well, including David Brickner who presented a paper titled, An Unlikely Model for Jewish Ministry Today” based on Matthew 3:1-12. In his paper, David observed,

“People seek to be politically correct and so gain the favor of others. We must risk disfavor in order to be prophetically correct. If there were a national evangelism committee during John’s day, I have no doubt they would likely have taken issue with his approach. If our message is to be effective as John’s was it should run counter-intuitive to worldly thinking and against the grain of our Messianic marketing gurus. This was the unconventional approach of the Baptist. And look at the results.”

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The conference just ended a few days ago, so the conference statement and press release issued may not be on the web yet. If you don’t find them at the LCJE site, please check back in a few days. The conference statement may be a good tool for some of you who encounter pastors or other Christians who do not see the need for Jewish evangelism. The statement represents the convictions of Jewish and Gentile believers in Jesus expressing “concern that there are those who do not consider verbal proclamation of the gospel to Jewish people a necessary part of the Great Commission.”