RealTime August 2003

A War of Wedges: Part 2
August 1, 2003

Recently, I had a conversation with the pastor of a large church in California. This church has long been a friend and supporter of Jews for Jesus, giving more than $150,000 each year to all sorts of missions. The pastor called to discuss the merits of an organization his church is supporting called the Holy…

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What were leaders in Jewish evangelism doing in Helsinki, Finland?
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They were attending the seventh International LCJE (Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism) conference. Our very own Tuvya Zaretsky is president of LCJE and presided at these meetings. Several of our Jews for Jesus staff and board members attended as well, including David Brickner who presented a paper titled, An Unlikely Model for Jewish Ministry Today”…

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If You are Wondering How the New York and London Campaigns Ended

In New York, we handed out 654,205 gospel tracts. Twenty Jewish people and 48 Gentiles prayed to receive Jesus and 335 Jewish people and 272 Gentiles who don’t yet believe agreed to receive further information. In London, we handed out 485,740 gospel tracts (our goal was 400,000). Eight Jewish people and 22 Gentiles prayed to…

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Those Gospel Billboards in London

Last month we asked for prayer regarding our Think for Yourself” gospel billboard (take a look at: The billboard company eventually did succumb to pressure to take the advertisements down, but not until they had already been up for two weeks. We actually only lost a day and a half of exposure, and that…

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Camp Gilgal, a little known but much loved branch of Jews for Jesus
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Investing in youth is important all year round, but summer is a great time to show you some of what goes on in our camps. Our camp mission statement is, Raising up new generations of Jewish believers in Messiah” and each year we see children of Jewish believers in Jesus (and sometimes children of unbelievers)…

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