Pray for evangelism opportunities at the Moishe Rosen Center!

The Moishe Rosen Center is the hub of Jews for Jesus’ outreach in Tel Aviv. We often use it as a venue to connect with the local community. Says Eli Birnbaum, head of our Tel Aviv staff: “Often facilities belonging to religious organizations are underused because they are only for the benefit of their own members. We refuse to let that happen with the Moishe Rosen Center, so we open our doors in order to bless and give back to our community.”

With that mindset, we recently hosted an art show/treasure hunt that was sponsored by local artists. The event was covered on Israeli TV (in English) by the Israel Broadcasting Network and you can see their video here:

The art show provided some interesting evangelistic opportunities. One visitor, Eitan (not his real name), was staring at a quote from the New Testament, posted on our wall in Greek, which said, “your sins are forgiven” (from the story of the paralytic who was let down through the roof).

“He wanted to know what it meant,” explains Eli, “so I went over and gave a short Bible lesson. When I share with secular Israelis, I usually paraphrase it as ‘your debts are paid,’ which of course includes our debts to God. When he heard that, he said, ‘Ah, Nirvana!!’ Then he told me that he is ‘close to Jesus’ and had a vision of him 22 years ago. I invited him to our Bible study. Please pray that he comes, and for his salvation!

“Also, one of the event organizers told everyone present that they should check out our sign explaining what we are all about. Everybody proceeded to do just that! The organizer went on to say that she had never met more giving people than us, the hosts for the show. We will leave it to the Lord to decide about our character, but let’s pray that those in attendance will meet the real Giver himself, Yeshua.”


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