Jeff Millenson (our Music Administrator) and his wife Amy were on vacation in Israel when they met a young hotel employee, Asher.*  As Asher helped get the Millenson’s luggage to their room, he noticed Amy’s “guitalele” case. (A guitalele is the size of a tenor ukulele, but is tuned like a guitar). He remarked that he was recently out of the army where he had served in the music corps.  He was so curious about the instrument that Amy took it out of its case and let him hold it.  He immediately began strumming, and then proceeded to sing a beautiful song in Hebrew.  Soon, of course, he had to return to work, but a bond had formed over their common love of music, and of beautiful instruments.

Two days later, Jeff noticed a piano in a corner of the hotel and asked if he could play it. He began to play some Jewish and Israeli songs, and a crowd soon gathered, taking videos and clapping along.  Then Asher came over to the piano, and he, Amy and Jeff sang “Jerusalem of Gold” (a beloved Israeli song) together.  After that, Jeff shared an original song he’d written based on Scripture, and then Amy opened her smart phone and showed Asher the prophecy of Isaiah 53 in its original Hebrew.  After reading it, he said, “That’s very interesting!  Just a couple of weeks ago, a group of Hungarians came to stay at the hotel, and they talked to me about the Messiah.  I’m interested to find out more.”

The Millensons didn’t see Asher again until the last day of their stay, but he showed up just as they were leaving.  They were able to take a picture with him, give him their email address, and write down some contact information for a couple of Messianic congregations that meet in his area.  Please pray that Asher will respond as the Millensons continue reaching out to him, and that he will soon come to know the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus).

* not his real name