Jewish Outreach In Mexico City

Carolyne Rohrig coordinates our CLIMs (Co-Laborers in Messiah), AKA awesome trained volunteers who help Jews for Jesus do so much more than we otherwise could. Carolyne has great news about what’s happening in Mexico City!

“We offered CLIM training for the first time in Mexico City just last month, hosted by leaders of Bet Shalom, a local Messianic congregation. We expected 20 people, but God sent us 40. It was a wonderful five days together as we discussed how to reach Jewish people in Mexico City, many of whom are secluded in high rise complexes such as you see here. Our time included small group discussions of the various spiritual gifts represented in the group, and from there, a list came together of ways to utilize those gifts to reach out to Jewish people.

“Just weeks later, the group held a Messianic Seder—ten Jewish people who don’t yet believe in Jesus came and heard the gospel! Follow-up is ongoing. The Mexico City group also has their prayer ministry up and running, and they are working on their own website and Facebook page.”

Please pray for the Lord’s blessings on our brothers and sisters in Mexico City, and that they will see much fruit as they share the gospel with the Jewish community.


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