It’s Complicated

Maybe you know that our Jews for Jesus staff have been out presenting “Christ in the Passover” throughout the U.S. We’ve met people who’ve touched our hearts, and here’s the story of one. Please read, share and pray for her.

JFJ missionary Ruth Rosen doesn’t remember meeting Brittany* at a church where she recently spoke. But she’s pretty sure she met Brittany’s mom, albeit briefly. Ruth says,

“Back at the resource table a woman stopped to tell me, ‘I’m so glad you were here tonight. And I’m so glad my daughter came.’ She looked sad and anxious but disappeared before I could find out what she meant.

“Later I was looking at the cards people had filled out to keep in touch with Jews for Jesus. On the back, there are boxes to be checked so people can indicate if they do or don’t believe in Jesus. On Brittany’s card, rather than saying whether or not she believed in Jesus she wrote, ‘It’s complicated.’

“I emailed back a brief note, acknowledging her comment and letting her know I prayed that God would help her work through whatever needed to be settled in her heart. Very soon I got a reply.

“Brittany explained that she’d written ‘it’s complicated’ because, although she had been a believer for as long as she could remember, she now found herself questioning God. She lives with her dad, who’s gone through a really rough few years. His questions, she said, are causing her to have questions. Why would God allow her family to suffer such crushing pain? It was hard to believe God loved her. She used to go to church all the time. Now she goes only occasionally on weekends when she’s with her mom. She has other things to do.

“My heart broke for this young woman though I hadn’t met her. The church wasn’t large and as I scanned my memory for what might have been a mother and daughter, I remembered one pair . . . and the mom was the woman who had made the brief comment at the resource table.

“I wrote back to Brittany asking if she’d told God straight out how she was feeling. I encouraged her that it was okay to talk to God about her pain, even her anger, to ask what was going on, to tell Him she’d need Him to show her something she wasn’t seeing at the moment in order to be able to trust Him. After all, King David had written ‘My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?’ (Psalm 22). I asked if she might be willing to take just two minutes a day for two weeks to tell God how she felt and ask if He would show her something to help her trust Him again. And I told her I’d be interested to hear her thoughts after the two weeks.

“I don’t know whether Brittany is taking me up on this or not but I continue to pray for her. If I don’t hear from her, I will touch base with her when the two weeks are up. Please pray for her to bring all her complications, feelings and questions to God . . . and for her heart to hear back from Him. Pray for her to receive the joy of her salvation, and for the joy of the Lord to become her strength.”

*not her real name

Image Copyright: Dana Rothstein/Dreamstime ~Stock Photos


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