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Heather Drake, missionary with our Chicago branch, managed to witness to four Jewish people—all in Israel and the UK—without ever getting on an airplane. In fact, Heather was taking a two-hour shift in the live chatroom that seekers can access from our website, thatjewdiedforyou.com. The live chat interface allows our missionaries to engage with up to four people at a time… but as far as we know, Heather is the first to max out by talking to that many Jewish seekers at once! She says,

“Of the four I talked to, the one that particularly stands out is Zeke.* He asked several questions about Jesus and we ‘talked’ at length as I showed him several scriptures. In Isaiah we looked at chapter 25 and how God Himself becomes the salvation of the Jewish people. We discussed the need for salvation from Ecclesiastes 7:20, which says that we are all sinners. Zeke agreed that all people are sinners and that we need God to save us. Back to Isaiah where he saw the picture of the suffering servant, as someone who would suffer on behalf of his people. We discussed so much more about Messiah as an hour and three quarters flew by. Zeke is very open to Jesus. Please pray for his salvation!” Editor: And please pray for lots more conversations like this one in our chat room!

**Not his real name


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