Irv* is Jewish and has been considering Jesus for while. So when he saw that his friend’s Jews for Jesus Newsletter had a list of churches where we’d be presenting “Christ in the Passover,” he made a note of the one closest to him and showed up. Unfortunately, there’d been a schedule change after the itinerary mailing had already gone out. Irv showed up to an empty church! He was disappointed and understandably somewhat annoyed, and sent our headquarters an email to that effect.

Irv’s email was forwarded to Bob Mendelsohn, who’d originally been scheduled for that meeting. Bob called Irv and they had an hour-long conversation. A few nights later, Irv came to see Bob present “Christ in the Passover” at a different church (half an hour from his home). Bob also got Stephen Katz (another of our missionaries also on tour in Tennessee) involved, and Irv and Stephen met up for a two-hour lunch and spiritual talk. Irv then attended Stephen’s “Christ in the Passover presentation,” where he prayed to receive the Lord!

If you were one of the people praying for fruitful ministry during our Passover tours, praise God for how He answered your prayers!

*Not his real name