If you have not yet seen the video, please take three minutes to see it now. Please also share the video to help dismantle the lie that the horrors of the Holocaust can be traced to Jesus and His teachings. For too long, Hitler’s atrocities have reached beyond the grave to prevent Jewish people from considering Jesus… and have even made some Christians afraid to share the love of Jesus with Jewish friends. Join us in affirming the Jewishness of Jesus and His love for His Jewish people. Join us in exposing the Nazi’s contempt for Christ, because no one can love Jesus while hating Jewish people.

Radio Interviews

David Brickner with Janet Parshall (Listen to Audio Stream Here)

UK leader Julia Pascoe on BBC radio (download here)

Here are samples of what’s being said about “That Jew Died for You”

What we handed out at this year’s Boston marathon

Postcard from Boston outreach.
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