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A NOTE FROM DAVID BRICKNER No Pain, No Gain: A Passover-Passion Meditation
April 1, 2011

This coming week is filled with celebration for those who believe in the God of Israel. It is the week of Passover and it is the week of the Messiah’s Passion. Christian and Jewish communities will gather to remember and to celebrate—yet

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Jews for Jesus News

Get the latest on the Moishe Rosen biography and find out if there will be a Jews for Jesus Passover presentation or banquet near you!

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Jewish Facts of Life

Passover begins at sundown on April 18. Click here for more info, articles, poems, events, videos and more from our Jews for Jesus website. The following “haiku” by Ruth Rosen is also a riddle for Passover. To what do you suppose it refers? Fish that...

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Watch Kosher Joe’s Passover episode, play the MatzaBall Fight game and download broadside for Passover.

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Real Deals

Don’t “pass over” a great deal on one of the best books you’ll ever read on sharing your faith with Jewish people. Moishe and Ceil Rosen’s classic, Witnessing to Jews, is available at 25% off. You must order online by April 30 to get this...

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Author: Ruth Rosen

Answer to Passover haiku riddle: One traditional starter” dish before the Passover meal is gefilte fish. Gefilte fish don’t swim because they are not an actual species of fish; they are boiled balls or chunks of chopped fish: usually, whitefish, pike or...

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