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Last month we reported on the results of our Phoenix outreach. Unfortunately, we included inaccurate figures.  Though we corrected the information pretty quickly, the publication had already gone out to half our readers.  Just in case you saw RealTime before we caught the error, here is the correct information:

During the two-week outreach in Phoenix, we distributed 55,525 broadsides and met 404 people on the streets (seventeen of whom were Jewish) willing to hear more about Jesus.  We also completed phone calls to 129 Jewish people with eight of them wanting more information. Ten Gentiles and three Jewish people prayed to receive Jesus.

Moishe Rosen Update:

Many of you know that Moishe was diagnosed a little over three years ago with metastasized prostate cancer. Since that time, God has enabled Moishe to fight the cancer via the various treatments he has undergone, each of which typically work for a time, then lose their effectiveness.

We are now at the point where the effectiveness of treatments to fight the cancer is apparently over.  The family is meeting this week to discuss home hospice care and would appreciate your prayers for God’s best for Moishe and all of us whose lives are touched by him during these challenging times.

Comments letting Moishe or the family know of your prayers are certainly welcome, but we must respectfully add that neither the Rosen family nor the Jews for Jesus staff are at a point where we can answer questions or reply to every email concerning Moishe at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding, as well as for your love and prayers. We will continue to give updates.

Coming Up

Our Aussie branch is planning our annual outreach at Sydney’s (New Age) Mind, Body, Spirit Festival” which is scheduled for the weekend of May 15. (We reported on last year’s outreach in our February 2010 newsletter.) This year even more helpers have volunteered to join us in witnessing to those who are seeking. Please pray for fruitful ministry.

Behold Your God Israel

We cannot give you details for the upcoming BYG Israel witnessing campaign, but we do promise to give you timely reports once it is under way.  For now, please pray for the preparations, including logistics on our end and Holy Spirit preparation in the hearts of those we will be meeting.

Summer Witnessing Campaigns

Campaigns in New York City and London are around the corner!  Please pray for final preparations, particularly for the participants who are best suited for the adventure of a lifetime.

Children’s and Youth programs

Once again we are in the home stretch of planning summer activities to help us raise up the next generation of Jewish believers in Jesus: Camp Gilgal and Halutzim. Please pray for God to be preparing the hearts of the kids who will be involved, and for Him to provide all the support staff/volunteers needed.

Thank You for Praying

The Liberated Wailing Wall World Tour

In South Africa, the team set up a literature table at Wits University (in the heart of Johannesburg). Dozens of students came to talk with team members during the two hours they were there. A number of Orthodox students came to disrupt things but did not prevent the many great conversations with Jewish students. One student named David was very happy to give team leader Shaun his contact details to continue the discussion. Please continue praying for the team as they are now in London.

Deb Dubin greeting folks with a Jews for Jesus gospel broadside
Deb Dubin greeting folks with a Jews for Jesus gospel broadside.


Gospel Blossoms in D.C.

Four staff and eleven volunteers handed out 15,425 broadsides on April 10, a day set aside to reach people attending the Cherry Blossom Festival, and particularly the parade, in Washington, D.C. During the second sortie (tract passing expedition) of the day, a few people said that they had already received a gospel tract and that we were “everywhere”!  

Passover Ministry

In Australia, four students from the University of Sydney (two of whom were Jewish) came to check things out and were surprised by, as they put it, “the authenticity” of the banquet. They enjoyed hearing a Jewish woman just nine months old in the Lord playing her guitar and singing traditional prayers during the banquet/seder.  She even shared her story, by means of a question and answer interview with branch leader Bob Mendelsohn.  

As far as our Christ in the Passover presentations at churches, it’s amazing when and where Jewish seekers popped up.  For example, Ruth Rosen was delighted to meet Leon in Ferndale, California during the first night of her Passover tour.  The 77-year-old Jewish man was amenable to chatting about spiritual things and promised to ask God if that night’s message about Jesus could be true.

Israelis Ministering in Nepal

Daniel Goldstein reports, “We launched our first Israeli Massah team as seven of us came to Nepal to celebrate Passover and share the gospel with Israeli Backpackers.

In past years, close to three thousand Israelis have gathered for the seder in Nepal; however this year, because of visa issues, only three hundred came. Obviously fewer backpackers than expected made evangelism harder.

Yet we felt it was clear from the beginning (and from the struggles to get into the country) that God wanted us all there. Even up till three hours before our flight from Tel-Aviv, one of the members hadn’t received her visa yet. Only after going to the Indian embassy and demanding her passport back were we all able to make it to the flights on time.

Because of the smaller crowd of Israelis, our team stood out, and many knew of the “Yehudim Meshichim” (Messianic Jewish) team. We spent two weeks in Nepal. We started out in Kathmandu, the capital, during the five days leading up to the Seder. Then we traveled to Pokorah, which sits on a beautiful lake at the foothills of the Himalayas. From there, thousands depart every month to do the famous Annapurna trek. The four guys on our team split off and did a three day trek; meanwhile, the girls stayed in Pokorah and witnessed to the people they encountered.

We had meaningful interactions with many Israelis, and two girls specifically, Adi and Or. Everywhere we went, we kept running into the same people and each time had another opportunity to share with them about Yeshua.

After the two weeks, a couple of members of the team stayed on in Nepal as planned. Yossi and Josh both served as officers in the Israeli army and have recently been released. They are committed to traveling around Nepal and India for the next four months to witness to Israeli backpackers. You can follow their journey through the blog at: Please be praying for them and for all the people with whom we shared during Passover.



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