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Oh Baby

Our family is growing:

Amelia Eden Nevo was born to Zeev and Rachel on March 28. Zeev is an outreach worker in our Tel Aviv branch. Please pray for God’s blessing on Amelia, her big sister Leyah and their parents.

Ashley Teresa was born to Kevin and Maria Smyth on March 30th, 2008, weighing in at 7lbs. 10 oz. and she is 19.5 inches tall. Kevin schedules speaking engagements at churches for our New York missionaries. This is the Smyth’s first baby, and they also will appreciate your prayers.

We have several more young couples expecting babies in the next month or so. Please pray for healthy deliveries!

Israel BYG

Please pray for the training for our first BYG Israel campaign.

In addition to the usual campaign training classes, we will be role-playing in preparation for situations we expect to encounter on the streets. Please pray for the team to be united and well-prepared.

And remember, it is never too late to sign up for monthly prayer updates on Behold Your God Israel.

Busted for Jesus

Since last September, Rob Wertheim, our San Francisco Branch leader, has been going out to the City College of San Francisco to distribute our broadsides. The campus regulations are unconstitutional (they restrict the right of free speech). There have been ongoing threats to arrest Rob if he came to hand out literature without following their regulations. Rob and our attorney have interacted with the Dean of Students several times but without any success.

On April 3, Rob went to the campus to hand out broadsides, and a police car drove up. Two officers emerged and told Rob that he would have to stop or he would be arrested. Rob respectfully informed them of the ongoing attempts to resolve the situation.

The Dean of Students then came out and asked the police to arrest Rob. The arrest was recorded on film; click here for photos. Rob was fingerprinted and photographed, incarcerated for five hours, and finally released with a mandatory court appearance the next day. The next day, after waiting in court for about one hour, Rob was informed that the charges against him were dismissed and he was free to go.

Please pray for our attorney, for David Brickner and for Rob as they consider what steps to take next.


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