RealTime April 2008

A note from David Brickner: Stealth Christianity
April 1, 2008

Quite a bit of controversy has been stirred over the recent publication in the New York Times” of The Gospel and the Jewish People: An Evangelical Statement sponsored by the World Evangelical Alliance. The statement, signed by prominent evangelical leaders, is an irenic open letter denouncing anti-Semitism while supporting direct Jewish evangelism and the rights of Jews who believe in Jesus to identify as Jews.

As you might expect, several Jewish leaders have publicly opposed the statement. The Anti-Defamation League responded to the statement with a press release in which Abraham Foxman shrilly denounced”

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Jewish Facts of Life

Passover, the Festival of Redemption, begins this year on April 19. This holiday is a touchstone of Jewish identity and even Jews who do not consider themselves religious celebrate it. It’s a great time to acknowledge your Jewish friend with a Passover Greeting card.

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Jews For Jesus News

Read how our family is growing, what you can be praying for regarding BYG Israel, and how one of our missionaries was arrested for handing out tracts.

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In Other News

According to the April 4 edition of Jewish, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is being heavily criticized by the British Jewish community for agreeing to participate in two debates with Dr. Michael Brown, a well-known Jewish believer in Jesus who has written several books on apologetics.

The Jewish Chronicle quotes Rabbi Boteach as saying I have debated against Michael Brown on many occasions. The missionaries can say whatever they want: they have their own agenda, I have mine.”

The debates are scheduled in London on May 12 and Oxford on May 13. Please pray for many Jewish people to attend and be drawn to Jesus.

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Thank You for Praying

Passover Tours

Our missionaries are back from their Passover tours and we are very grateful for all your prayers. We wanted to share a couple of stories with you.

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Real Deals

It’s here! Joel Rosenberg’s new political thriller, Dead Heat.” Rosenberg is a Jewish believer in Jesus whose fiction has come eerily close to real life events . . . that happened AFTER people read about them in his books. He’s not a mind reader, he’s a Bible reader, and a best-selling novelist.

If you want 416 pages of suspenseful reading on how the end times might play out, you’ll want to order “Dead Heat.” It retails for $24.99 but you can get it on our web site for $20.00. Plus, if you order online this month, you can receive free shipping by typing in “shfree” when you check out.

(Click Here to Order)

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Sneek Peek
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Next month our regular (print) newsletter will feature: An article by David Brickner titled Remarkably Well Preserved”; explanations of Jewish holidays that fall this May; a translation of the text of a broadside we will be handing out in Israel on Israel’s Independence Day, as well as background info on the topic of the tract; Moishe’s Musings on having your own personal witnessing campaign; and bits from our branches in Sydney, New York and Montreal.”

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Busted for Jesus

Rob Wertheim arrested for handing out our broadside tracts on a local college...

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