It’s a bit early to have many reports back from this Passover season, but we did want to report some answers to pray since we asked you to pray that Jewish seekers would attend our Passover banquets.

In Los Angeles, two Jewish people who attended our Passover banquet responded to the invitation to receive the Lord: Harvey and Jennifer. We are still following up to verify if these seeds of faith are indeed growing. Please keep these two in prayer.

In San Francisco, we were happy to have five Jewish people who do not know Jesus celebrate Passover with us. These five included the mother of one of the Jewish believers who attended, as well as her Israeli friend, as well as a friend of one of our headquarters staff. Rob Wertheim, soon to be leader of our San Francisco branch was also there, having come up with his wife, Sandy and son, Josh to scope out the land.

In Boston, branch leader Garrett Smith and his wife Nici hosted a Passover seder in their home, and among their guests were three Jewish unbelievers. These were people they had met at the playground (the Smiths have two small children) so they had a kiddy seder.” The evening was a good time of building connections with these folks so pray for continued ministry to them.

In Washington, D.C. about two thirds of our 170 or so guests were first timers to a Jews for Jesus event. Our staff were particularly delighted to see a new Jewish believer in Jesus who had been attending our Bible studies as a seeker . . . and who prayed to receive Jesus while the staff were out doing Passover tours! Two Jewish unbelievers attended.

Karol Joseph, leader of our Brooklyn branch, pulled together her branch’s event after returning from Florida where she spent time with her critically ill father. She reported, “Last night I had 22 people from our Brooklyn community at my home for the last night of Passover. I really needed to celebrate God’s redemption with the people there, and the seder was so wonderful. Two unbelievers came, and one very new and tenuous believer. The story went out to them in a very sweet way. It was also good to be with several new believers I’ve been discipling, but had not been able to see during my three-week Passover tour. I know that being home for this was God’s blessing to me in this very sad time. Now I feel strengthened for the days of grieving ahead.” [Karol’s father passed away the next day, and she wrote this report on her way to the airport as she returned to Florida to be with her family.]

We also thought you would enjoy seeing the following note that David Brickner received after one of his Christ in the Passover presentations in Seattle:

“Thanks for your presentation last week. I want to tell you that my youngest daughter was present for your whole presentation, had lots of questions about what she saw and heard that night, and then shortly after we got home, she gave her life to Christ!!! Thanks brother. You paved the way!”

Brian’s daughter Emily is five years old!