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Updates on Previous Prayer Requests:

Regarding Jews for Jesus Founder, Moishe Rosen: We are praising God for answered prayer in that, one month following the first treatment, the PSA level has dropped from 127 to 22. This is very encouraging and we hope to see this trend continue for a full and lengthy remission. Meanwhile, there is still considerable pain and medication, and your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for praying for our missionaries’ right to hand out gospel tracts!

Check out our website for the latest news on two “wins” for free speech:

  • Go to:
  • And see “From Coast to Coast, Jews for Jesus Fights Legal Battles.”
  • Pictured on that web page: Los Angeles Missionary Cyril Gordon, who was arrested at last year’s Israel Festival for distributing tracts there, and Susan Mendelson, who was charged with violating the code of the town of Oyster Bay for handing out religious literature without a permit.
  • If you click on “Los Angeles,” you will see the preliminary injunction giving us the right to hand out religious literature at a festival in honor of Israel’s independence later this month (April 29). Thanks to those of you who upheld this decision in prayer. Do please pray for a good time of evangelism for our Los Angeles missionaries and volunteers on that day.
  • If you click on “Long Island,” you will see the court decision that special permission is not needed in order to hand out religious literature in the Long Island town of Oyster Bay, and that the action against Jews for Jesus missionary Susan Mendelson for doing so has been dropped.

For more on these two cases, go to:


To read a bit on some of the encouraging answers to prayer for this Passover season, click here.

To see how one local newspaper covered the presentation of Christ in the Passover in their area, go to:

Boombamela Outreach in Israel

Praise God! Two Jewish people prayed to receive Jesus at this year’s outreach at Boombamela. For more information and photos, click here.

Branch News/New Prayer Requests

Please pray for Karol Joseph, leader of our Brooklyn branch, whose father passed away last week. Karol is currently in Florida with her family; please pray that she can be a blessing and a comfort to them, and have opportunities to share the love of God through Jesus with them.

In Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, our missionaries request prayer for a “visits mini-campaign” (an intense period of visiting as many Jewish people as possible to discuss Jesus) which began on April 9 and will continue through April 21.

They also ask prayer as they travel to Zaporozhe (45 miles away from Dnepropetrovsk) to give a Jewish Evangelism Seminar at a local church, and to have a day evangelism with volunteers who are willing to help reach the Jewish people of their community.

In Moscow, Russia, our missionaries request prayer for handing out our gospel tracts on Victory day, May 9 in Victory Park. We do this every year with many volunteers. Last year we had a team of almost 20 of them and we handed out 10,000 tracts during 2 hours. Praise the Lord! This year may be difficult because the government is trying to forbid street evangelism. It’s not done yet, fortunately. But the police may yet give us problems on May 9. Please pray for a successful, blessed sortie (tract-passing expedition).

In Essen, Germany, our missionaries request prayer for planning an outreach in Karlovy Vary (the Czech Republic), as many Russian-speaking Jewish people from Israel go there on holiday.

In Sydney, Australia, our missionaries request prayer for an outreach in Perth, West Australia. Our branch missionaries, Mark, Rahel and Bob, will spend a week there, (May 9-15), sharing Christ on the streets, as well as speaking in churches and Bible colleges, and through newspaper and radio. Please pray for our message to be “unavoidable” for open hearts in Jewish inquirers, and for fruit that remains.

In Boston, our missionaries request prayer for “Oy Vey Forums” with the subject: “Why would a Jew believe in Jesus?!” We have rented rooms right next to Boston University and Harvard on April 24, and 25 respectively to host these forums. There will be a brief talk, then an open forum for discussion and questions. Boston University is home to over 5,000 Jewish students and Harvard is about 25% Jewish. We will be advertising the events heavily on the campuses.

The Liberated Wailing Wall (our mobile evangelistic music team) would like prayer that God will bless their tour in the UK, France, Switzerland and Germany throughout April and May. Our Essen missionaries ask for particular prayer that God will use the Liberated Wailing Wall to help us win more and more German and Swiss hearts to the cause of Jewish evangelism. So many of these Christians feel obligated to be silent about the gospel because of the Second World War. Rather than risk offending, they choose to be silent about the gospel and about standing up for our people’s need to hear the Good News. Pray that the team will be a holy provocation to be unashamed of the gospel.

In South Florida our missionaries request prayer for our outreach at the McDonald’s Air and Sea Show. On May 5 and 6, Ft Lauderdale’s beaches will be teeming with people. Last year over four million people came to watch our nation’s military show the best in planes and flight stunts. If you live near Fort Lauderdale and are interested in letting people know about Jesus, the branch would welcome a call from you at 954-616-5050, or you can email the local staff. If you have never done street evangelism, Greg says not to worry because we will give you all the training you need to be able to proclaim the Good News at this major South Florida event!

In Canada, church groups are opposing Jewish evangelism, which they describe pejoratively as proselytizing. Please pray for many Christians to fight this trend. See And scroll down to: “Church Group Slams Proselytizing Efforts.”

In Israel, our missionaries request prayer for an extra outreach they are conducting this month. More to come . . .

Finally, many of our U.S. branches will be handing out broadside tracts to people standing in line to get their taxes in the mail by April 17. If you would like to do the same in your hometown, you can download a free copy of “I Love to Procrastinate” here.


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