If you are looking for the quick 411, our three-day outreach resulted in 155 Jewish seekers giving us their contact information for follow up, and 2 Jewish people prayed to receive the Lord. We distributed 400 New Testaments, 200 other books for people to learn more about Jesus’ claims, and we handed out 2500 tracts. You can read more details below. To see photos, click here.


This year Ze’ev Nevo (as part of his missionary training) was in charge of planning and preparing the Jews for Jesus outreach for the Boombamela New Age Festival, which took place April 5-7. However, Ze’ev (like most of our staff) was out of the country for a Passover tour during the festival itself, so our newest Israeli couple, Peter and Yarden Nassar, were the only Jews for Jesus staff present. Peter led the team of 38 volunteers.

As mentioned last month, our slogan for this year’s festival was “Yeshua Hetzil Oti.” Which means, “Jesus Rescued Me.” The Hebrew word for “rescue” has the connotation of rescue from drowning, and since the festival takes place on the beach, it was especially appropriate. We had a banner above our booth, t-shirts, stickers, tracts and an air glider all featuring this slogan. It would have been impossible for anyone to come to this festival and not at least see the name of Yeshua.

The air glider flew above the festival for 20 minutes during the first and last day (he had to cancel his flight on the 2nd day of the festival due to high winds). His sign stirred up so much interest the first day that all 40 of our people were busy the rest of the night explaining what Yeshua rescued us from. The air glider also attracted the interest of our opposition. After the first flight the Orthodox community marched to our booth area deciding that they were going to kick us out of the festival by force if they had to. We called the festival security team and they told the Orthodox that if they did not leave us alone, they would be the ones forced to leave the festival—and they would not be allowed to return. We had no problems with them for the rest of the festival.

As far as the two Israelis who prayed to receive the Lord, Peter prayed with one, and Yarden prayed with the other. Nassar reports: Avi (not his real name) asked Peter where he could get a T-shirt like ours. Peter asked him some questions and discovered that Avi already believed the right things about Jesus, but did not know what it meant to follow Him. Peter explained that Avi needed to recognize that he is a sinner and that he needs a savior; that he needed to confess that Jesus is the Messiah and that he rose form the dead. Avi agreed and Peter led him in a sinner’s prayer. After they finished praying, Peter told Avi that he now needs to learn more by reading God’s Word. Avi agreed to meet with Peter to study the scriptures together. Please keep Avi in your prayers that he will grow and be a mighty servant of Yeshua.

Yarden was at the booth with one of our volunteers, Yoav, and they were witnessing to several people who wanted to receive our free books. Yoav was speaking to a a man named Roni, who asked how he could be saved. Since Yoav was busy talking to a few people, he turned to Yarden and said, “Can you explain to Roni how he can have eternal life?” She did, and he responded by praying to receive the Lord. Please pray that Roni will agree to meet with us and to continue in his new faith.”