Tidbits from missionary tours

Thank you for praying for our missionaries as they have been on tour presenting Christ in the Passover. Some great things have been happening!

Joshua Sofaer was on his way to speak at a church in Long Island, NY. He had brought one of his daughters along and they decided to stop for a snack at a local convenience store. They were in the store for just a few minutes when a man asked Josh if the van marked “Jews for Jesus” belonged to him. Josh said “Yes,” and the man, whose name was Michael, asked for some literature.

It turned out that Michael’s wife attends the very church that Josh was going to that morning. He told Joshua, “My wife goes to the church you’re speaking at this morning. I really didn’t want to go because I knew you were going to be there. You see, I’m Jewish and my wife is a Christian. And over the last few months more and more people have been talking to me about Jesus . . . my co workers, people at the gas station . . . everyone! I don’t think it was a coincidence that I met you here today.”

Josh and his daughter prayed for Michael, and of course gave him the literature he requested. Josh reports,

“About 3 weeks later I got an e-mail from the church, letting me know that Michael had been baptized the previous Saturday and that he was doing great. I called and found out more details. Evidently Michael was so shocked that he “happened” to meet me that he could no longer ignore that God was trying to get his attention. He talked with his wife and made an appointment to see the Pastor. They met and it was clear to both of them that he was ready to make a profession of faith. Immediately he began to devour the Bible and wanted to be baptized. Later that week he was, to the joy of his wife and his new community of faith.”


Stephen Katz reports, “I’ve been scheduled to present Christ in the Passover on April 14 at a nursing home where 60% of the residents are Jewish. The executive director is a believer who called us to set it up. When her Jewish assistant found out about the program she told us in no uncertain terms that we would NOT be coming. However, after speaking with her boss she called back to let us know that we are indeed invited. Please pray for this unique opportunity.” Ed: As of this writing the meeting has not taken place and though we expect it will have by the time you receive this, please pray anyway, for no last minute glitches, for many unbelievers to attend with open hearts and for opportunities to follow up with people met after the meeting. God knows what you will pray before you speak it!

Steve Wertheim reports, “I was so encouraged to meet Brenda, a Jewish believer who lives in Wisconsin, and who came to faith through a presentation of Christ in the Passover 16 years ago. Her husband, who grew up in the Catholic Church, came to faith about seven years later. Mimi Bernstein, a former staff member, led Brenda to the Lord after bringing the presentation and continued her ministry to Brenda via phone. Brenda’s grown daughter came to faith this past October and is growing. Brenda would like to see her 27-year-old son Adam come to faith in Yeshua too. Please pray for him.”

Susan Mendelson reports, “During my tour I was handing out tracts near the student union at the Idaho State Campus. It was rainy and there were not many people out. I prayed and decided to stay, either until I’d handed out all the tracts or 1:30pm—whichever came first. Well, a young man named Steve approached me and asked about my shirt. Steve explained that he had a Jewish background but was into science. He seemed open, and was willing to receive our mailings. He also took our pamphlet ‘Jewish and Christian, Can It Be?’ as well as a copy of the Gospel of John as we concluded our conversation. Please pray for Steve, that he might have a saving faith in Jesus. By the way, when finished I looked down at my watch . . . 1:32pm. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness.”

Chad Elliott reports, “A Jewish couple, Bev and Marv, attended one of my meetings, invited by a church member. I could see that this couple was actually enjoying my presentation. Afterwards, Bev came to my book table and asked a lot of questions. Please pray for her continued openness to the gospel, and that she and her husband would come to salvation.”

Michael Sischy reports, “I have been overwhelmed by the number of Jewish believers in Jesus that I have met during my tour here in South Africa. I’ve met octogenarians, middle-aged folks and teenagers from Johannesburg to the coast. I’ve met Jewish believers who survived WW2. Some came into the Kingdom through a Gentile witness and some through a Jewish witness.

“I met one lady who remembers that when she was a child she asked her dad about Jesus. She was worried that he might get upset but he told her that Jesus is called Immanuel in Jewish Scriptures! She believed in Jesus for decades without telling anyone but was recently baptized in a local church! She remembers a Jews for Jesus missionary visiting her mother for years, as well as a Gentile Christian singing to her mom (who apparently was a believer) about Jesus’ love as she was on her death bed. It is humbling to be a small part of the picture of how God is drawing Jewish people to Himself.”

Shaun Buchhalter reports, “At one church, the associate pastor had set up a meeting for me with a Jewish woman and her husband after the service. Michelle (not her real name) and her husband had been attending the church for a number of months and have had numerous conversations with the pastors—but she had questions regarding her Jewishness that they could not relate to. Michelle told me that she believes Jesus is the Messiah and that ‘we [Jews] had missed the mark.’ But her fear of family rejection has kept her from opening her heart. We spent most of our time together talking through that issue. She seemed encouraged to know that she was not the only Jewish person who has had to wrestle with that problem. Please pray for her salvation.”

Micha Cohen reports, “I was driving from Chicago to various places in Ohio for three weeks of ‘Christ in the Passover’ presentations, as well as to tell people about our work at Jews for Jesus. Along the way it began to snow. I stopped at a rest area in Indiana where I found a coupon booklet as I wanted to see if there were inexpensive places to stop if it got too snowy. I saw a Hotel 8 that was advertised at $39 dollars, and it had free wi-fi Internet. Before leaving the rest area I threw away the coupon booklet, thinking I would make it all the way to Ohio on Friday. But the road got snowier and snowier, and I was getting concerned about driving. I asked God to show me if He wanted me to get off and get a hotel. No sooner had I finished praying than I noticed the flap that was covering the back of the tire of a huge truck in front of me. The flap I was looking at had an arrow pointing to the right, so I took that as an answer. As I got off at the next exit, the snow became so heavy that I was driving really slow, praying God would help me make it to the hotel. I made it to the Hotel 8, went inside and asked for a room. I was wearing a Jews for Jesus sweatshirt. The only other person I saw in the hotel was the man behind the counter. I felt like God wanted me to talk to him, but I tried to avoid it.

“I went to my room and started reading from a book called ‘God Made Flesh,’ expecting to hear something from God in it. The chapter I started talked about the author spending Christmas in a hotel room while in transit to see his brother. He said the weather had been so bad that he didn’t want to leave the room to go see his brother, but he felt like he needed to obey God. And there I was, sitting in my hotel room too, avoiding someone I felt God wanted me to talk to.

I finally put down the book and went back to the lobby. I asked him who he thought Jesus is. He replied that he liked to keep his opinion to himself, but he told me his name was Paul and that his father was Catholic and his mother was Jewish. I asked where he grew up and he said he first had lived in Queens and then Chicago. I told him that I had lived in Queens for a year and that I now lived in Chicago, and before long, we got into an hour-long discussion about Jesus!

“Paul described how he tries to walk the line between Judaism and Christianity. I gave him a copy of the New Testament and a copy of my dad’s story. I read Isaiah 53, the Romans’ road, and John 3. He said he is not sure about the ‘being saved part’ yet. He went to church a few times and said he felt pressured to get saved there; now he occasionally attends church with his wife. Please pray that Paul comes to know Jesus!!! God’s timing is amazing!”

Robyn Wilk reports, “I met a Jewish woman named Mimi at one of my presentations. Mimi is a Holocaust survivor, and so I was going to give her a Survivor Stories video. A man from the church came over to the table and paid for it, even though I was prepared to give it away. God’s people are so kind! The next day I went to visit Mimi at her house. This is one strong woman. She skied until she was 86 years old! I would not say that she is especially open, but I was able to share the gospel with her. Please pray for her to watch the video and for her caretaker to have wisdom as she witnesses to Mimi.”


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Connect with Jews for Jesus. No matter where you are on the journey of life, whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish, a believer in Jesus or not – we want to hear from you. Chat with someone online or connect via our contact page below.  
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