Pray for the Behold Your God campaign going on right now!

Training for Behold Your God in Lyon, France, was April 6-8, with the campaign itself beginning on April 9. It will last through April 23. This campaign has faced major challenges from the get-go, and your prayers right now will count a great deal.

Campaign leader Joshua Turnil reports that the training went well and that during three training sorties (tract passing expeditions) campaigners got 60 contacts (people willing to give their personal information to hear more about Jesus.) He said that about 25% of the contacts are Muslims who are open to the gospel, and we have a great connection with a ministry to Muslims to do the follow up. Joshua asks for prayer that more Jewish people will be willing to interact with us. He met one young woman who stopped to talk but did not give her contact information. She informed Joshua that her rabbi had told everyone in the congregation to avoid talking with any of the Jews for Jesus.

Many Christians in Lyon are helping us to raise the banner of Jesus—literally! One church has placed a billboard on the side of their building: “Isaiah 53: so controversial you have to read it for yourself,” with our Juifs pour Jesus website posted. We also had 50 large Juifs pour Jesus magnetic strips created to go on the sides of automobiles, turning them into traveling billboards. Please pray for good opportunities/protection for those friends who are boldly proclaiming the gospel with us in this way.

There have been some challenges early in the campaign and we really need your prayers. Pray for the families of campaigners: Sabrina Babin’s father fell (Sabrina is our outreach worker) and was hospitalized. Joshua Turnil’s son Ilan fell ill with a high fever. Joshua leads our Paris branch and is the leader of the Lyon campaign.

Plus, our bubble was burst! We had a seven-meter Jews for Jesus helium balloon hovering near a major highway. It was meant to raise the issue of Jesus to commuters throughout the entire campaign but did not make it past day one of the campaign—it was punctured by a vandal with a broken bottle.

A number of campaigners and stewards have been ill and Joshua has not been in the best of health. Please pray for healing.

Also, please pray for the weather. The first day of campaign was rained out. Please pray for good weather to prevail so that we can reach people out on the streets.

Finally, please pray as the city of Villeurbanne has made an official decision that we cannot distribute our literature there. Villeurbanne is a major suburb of Lyon and about 20% of its residents are Jewish. It is metro accessible and one of the places we really wanted to concentrate our efforts. A court hearing was held last Tuesday as Joshua asked the judge to suspend the decision. As of this writing we have not been able to learn the results of the hearing. Remember, things are done differently in France and they don’t have the same freedoms of speech that we do.

As you can see, there are many challenges to the Lyon Behold Your God campaign. But with God, all things are possible. We believe He will use your prayers to do great things.

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