RealTime April 2006

Pray for the Behold Your God campaign going on right now!
April 1, 2006

Training for Behold Your God in Lyon, France, was April 6-8, with the campaign itself beginning on April 9. It will last through April 23. This campaign has faced major challenges from the get-go, and your prayers right now will count a great deal.

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It’s Passover Time!
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Passover began at sundown on April 12. It is followed by the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which lasts for a week, but the two holidays collectively are known as Passover. For more about this Festival of Redemption, check out our website: At the bottom right side of the page you’ll find a link to…

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Reform rabbi urges Jews to read New Testament?

Indeed he does. From Jewish Scene. . . “Rabbi: Jews should know New Testament Most Jews shun Christian Scripture. As a result, they can’t answer Christians who ask why Jews don’t accept Jesus as the Messiah. Now, Reform Rabbi Michael J. Cook says this ‘self-imposed ignorance’ is dangerous. At a time when many Christians…

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Tidbits from missionary tours

Thank you for praying for our missionaries as they have been on tour presenting Christ in the Passover. Some great things have been happening! Joshua Sofaer was on his way to speak at a church in Long Island, NY. He had brought one of his daughters along and they decided to stop for a snack…

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Staff News

Moishe Rosen Thank you so much for praying for Moishe’s knee replacement surgery last month. We would appreciate your continued prayers for Moishe and his family. The surgery went well, with no complications, and the recovery was normal. However a few days after coming home from the hospital, signs of an infection became evident. Moishe’s…

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Living in the Saturday Moment

It was a bright and sunny Friday afternoon in downtown Tel Aviv. I was handing out gospel tracts on a busy corner of Dizengoff Street, my T-shirt emblazoned with big Hebrew letters declaring “Yehudim leman Y’shua” (Jews for Jesus), when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to see a young man in his…

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