We’ve asked you to pray that Jewish people would hear the gospel as a result of our ministry throughout this Passover season. Nici Smith reports from our Boston branch how six Jewish people heard the gospel at her Christ in the Passover presentation

I had an AMAZING Christ in the Passover meeting at a local church. Six unbelieving Jewish people attended, four upon the invitation of their friends.

One couple was in their late seventies and did not understand that they were not supposed to take communion. The wife ended up eating the bread in her mouth right away instead of holding it. When she realized everyone else still had theirs, she called the usher back for another piece. Then she turned to her Christian friend to ask what this was all about. I heard her friend say, “It’s a symbol of Jesus,” to which the bewildered Jewish woman said, “What, I’m eating Jesus?!” (ed: Of course this was all a foreign experience to her, but we pray that some day she will be able to truly participate in this beautiful reminder of Jesus as the Lamb of God.)

After the service I got to meet her. She assured me she was not about to convert, but would be happy to get together for a cup of coffee and talk over what she had seen—as long as her Christian friend could join us. Wonderful!

Then a Jewish couple who have been married for 65 years, came to introduce themselves to me. They, too, had come upon the invitation of a Christian friend. The husband offered me his business card before I could even ask if they would like to stay in touch. I was speechless for a moment. Of course they assured me they were too old to convert, but nonetheless were happy to stay in touch.

Next in line was a Jewish man who had been meeting with someone from Jews for Jesus years ago when we first had a branch here in Boston. The branch closed for a while and he kept hoping to see us return. He saw an advertisement in the local paper that I was coming to present Christ in the Passover and was delighted to learn that we had reopened the branch and he could resume regular visits with a Jew for Jesus.

And then finally I met the (Jewish) woman who had joined the man described above. She was a little hesitant to give out her number but was so excited to receive the “Forbidden Peace” video as a gift from me. She said, “I so badly wanted to buy it but was upset with myself that I had left my money at home. Thank you sooo much!” I asked if she would be willing to call me and tell me what she thought of it and she said, “Yes” and took down my number.

I can’t tell you how much I was blessed by this church meeting. I am floating on cloud nine that the Lord afforded me such an amazing opportunity—and that so many Christians were compassionate and courageous enough to bring their Jewish friends to the meeting.