RealTime April 2005

Spinning Straw: Anti-Missionary Mishegoss: a Rosen (father and daughter) editorial
April 1, 2005
Author: Moishe Rosen

(*Mishegoss is a Jewish word for foolishness or craziness) We try to bring you items of interest concerning Jewish people and Jewish evangelism. In fact, sometimes it is the other way around! Recently two friends who support Jews for Jesus pointed out a piece that...

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More About Passover

Passover is the Feast of Redemption, first in line of the annual Jewish feasts that God commanded the children of Israel to observe. We love the holiday as it celebrates our miracle-working, bondage-breaking God, telling how He set our ancestors free from slavery in...

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Jews for Jesus Passover Banquets

Did you read about our Passover banquets in last month’s Real Time? Did you mean to write, call or email about coming to one near you, but you forgot? There may still have time to make reservations. So don’t kick yourself for forgetting, just go to...

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Staff News

Mazel Tov to Chad Elliott, leader of the current

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Jews for Jesus Employment Opportunities

Positions were previously mentioned for the finance/accounting supervisor and for the church relations specialist have been filled. Thanks to those of you who prayed! Currently, we are looking for a bus driver/sound person for The Liberated Wailing Wall, our mobile,...

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