We asked you to pray as many of our staff have been out presenting Christ in the Passover” and we also asked prayer for the Passover Banquets held in our various branches. Here are just a few highlights so you can be praying for the follow-up. (We will report the fuller stories next spring in our Passover Newsletter edition, but we wanted to give you the scoop now.)


In Orlando our dear friend Clara Rubin (a Jewish believer who has been evangelizing for many years) showed up to our Passover banquet with 18 of her relatives. That night Clara’s great-granddaughter prayed to receive the Lord!

New York

In New York a Jewish woman named Lisa who identified herself as “a seeker” attended our Passover banquet. It seemed she had already found what (actualy Whom) she was seeking and just needed to meet other Jews who knew Jesus and could encourage her to receive and follow Him. Karol Joseph sat with Lisa during dinner and Lisa was excited when given the opportunity to pray, ack nowledging Jesus as her sin bearer.


In Northern California Moishe Rosen spoke on “Christ in the Passover” for the first time since 1986. (He had stopped giving the presentation because over the years he found there is SO much to be said about the topic that it is difficult to fit it all into a brief program.) His daughter Lyn was with him and the two of them ministered to a Jewish visitor named Laurette, who prayed with Lyn after the service to receive the Lord.


In Akron, Ohio, David Brickner was delighted to meet a vivacious 80-year-old Jewish woman who is a member of an extremely strict Jewish sect. “M” had come with Christian friends, and her son and daughter-in-law attended as well. While most members of “M”‘s community would not set foot in a church, “M” seems to have an open mind and has been receiving our ISSUES publication for seekers. Please pray for her salvation!