RealTime April 2004

Don’t Say It Could Never Happen Again
April 1, 2004

In the spring of 2001 Jews for Jesus released a documentary entitled Survivor Stories,” featuring the testimonials of seven Holocaust survivors who now believe that Jesus is the Messiah. The documentary met with acclaim (winning several film awards), as well as harsh criticism from Jewish community leaders. One influential New York Jewish publication, “The Forward,” […]

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Thanks for Praying: Passover Updates

We asked you to pray as many of our staff have been out presenting Christ in the Passover” and we also asked prayer for the Passover Banquets held in our various branches. Here are just a few highlights so you can be praying for the follow-up. (We will report the fuller stories next spring in […]

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Paris Responds to An Open Letter to Mel Gibson from a Jew for Jesus

Paris is not an easy place to reach for the gospel but Susan Perlman’s open letter to Mel Gibson seemed to strike a nerve when placed in a secular newspaper there. The day the ad appeared our Paris office received 40-50 phone calls! Also, as a result of the ad, a secular radio station interviewed […]

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More About This Month’s Jewish Observances

Yom HaShoah—Holocaust Remembrance Day—falls on April 18, and Israel Independence Day is April 26. Where does one begin from among the vast resources available? Certainly these are among the top online contenders: For Yom HaShoah: Yad Vashem, located in Jerusalem, is perhaps the most famous memorial/educational institution concerned with the Holocaust, and includes information on […]

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